Designed by Brandon Knowlden, this rack is so simple and minimalist that you can’t see any screws or hooks on it, just like a simple wood glued on the wall. But it has a super strong magnet inside that will hold up to 150 keys! But don’t worry, it will not harm your phone, credit card, laptop, or anything else. It comes in three different sizes to choose, but of course the best one is the biggest one. You can support this rack at the Kickstarter page and see the video here. More description by Brandon Knowlden:

A magnetic key rack combined with a floating shelf that effortlessly suspends up to 150 keys in mid air.

We were inspired by what are known as keystone habits. These are personalized habits that everyone has, but may not be aware of. These Keystone habits have a waterfall effect, for better or worse, on the development of other habits, by starting a chain reaction in your daily life. They’re typically very simple – like what time we go to bed, but it’s their trickle-down effect that can have pretty dramatic and positive implications on our daily routine. Where we put our keys is one of these habits. By creating a key rack that is better designed and more fun to interact with, we think we can help people get off to a better start each day, thereby kick starting a dynamic lifestyle change with predictable positive results each and every day.

Key Features:
• Keystone Habit Forming – Finding your keys means getting out the door easier leading to a better day
• Really, Really Strong Magnets – 12” model holds 30+ keys per key ring (see creative assets)
• Safest on the Market – The only magnetic key rack to insert solid steel core, protecting valuables
• Lifetime Guarantee – If it breaks, cracks or splits, Well Made will replace as long as the product is available
• Made From Solid North American Oak or Walnut Hardwood
• Not Just for Keys – Effectively suspend leashes, exercise locks and other objects
• Doubles as a Shelf – When properly installed, can hold 5+ lbs.
• Handmade in Chicago, USA – Each unit crafted by hand in Chicago, IL wood shop

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