Designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte from POTT, this minimalist but beautiful lamp will be great for your interior. The lampshades was made from ceramic decorated by simple porous pattern on the surface. The light can comes out from the porous skin, creating a warm sensation when you are looking at it. More description by POTT:

In keeping with the studio’s previous creations, the new lamps wear POTT’s distinctive signature which applies traditional pottery techniques and natural materials to contemporary lighting design. It is the studio’s fifth collection.

Designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte, the new SpongeOh! lamp is a unique lighting element adding nature inspired shapes and organic colors into contemporary interior design. A soft and warm glow slips through the porous skin of each piece, creating a unique and serene atmosphere.

POTT’s SpongeOh! lamps are available in two colour choices: soft terracotta and white.

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