This is interesting. Usually a playhouse has a shape of cute house or castle, but this playhouse has a minimalist and modern design. It was designed by David Lamolla, inspired by contemporary architecture. Maybe the design is not perfect for all kids, but some other kids will definitely love it. The structure is built mainly using Birch plywood, making it ideal for outdoor use. This playhouse also comes in several sizes to choose, and the maxi version has two floors connected by internal stairs. More description by David Lamolla:

The Kyoto playhouse boosts a Japanese-inspired futuristic style that helps unlock the children’s creativity and imagination.

Despite its size, it is very easy to assemble because each outdoor façade is made of only one piece. Made on Birch plywood. It is a material that is highly resistant since it’s made of a dense plywood with phenolic resins ideal for wet environments, The board comes with a layer of sealer on the edges (Sikkens Kodrin) and two layers of water-based paint, which give a high resistance.

Made of Birch plywood, with the the top layer made of a non-slip material, similar to those used on slides and other children’s playground equipment.

The roof is made on birch plywood 18mm thick, and has thermal insulation (Rockwool) and precast waterproof EPDM rubber material with a water drain pipe incorporated. Wall finishing with 4 aluminum bars, and gravel over roof.

Doors and windows:
It has one door with design handles and finger protection in the hinge area. One operable window, and 6 stationary windows. They are all made with methacrylate, and the door opens outward for security reasons.

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