Designed by Constantinos Hoursoglou from SHIBUI, this minimalist desk lamp is perfect for you who work a lot of things on your desk. Linelight has thin linear shape and can be adjusted easily. You can fold it or rotate the light as you need so you can use it as reading lamp or even a night lamp. More description:

SHIBUI, an innovative Swiss-based homeware design company, announces the debut of their everyday task light, the “Linelight”.

The “Linelight” is a versatile L.E.D. task light certified for home or office use, made of standard 12×12 mm extruded aluminum tubing with a hollow base that houses the super thin transformer.

The aim of the project was to design a light source out of commercially available elements that is elegant, discreet and functional.

By using the L.E.D’s compact form factor it was possible to achieve these goals and come up with an organic design for a linear-in-form light, named accordingly.

Through a series of pivots and rotation points the light can be adjusted to the user’s requirements with no restrictions.

Once folded down and turned against the wall, it provides ambient illumination.

It is powder-coated in dark grey, white, yellow or red, combined with a matching fabric-covered cord.

“Linelight” designed by Constantinos Hoursoglou was awarded the “reddot design award” in the concepts category in 2011.

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