This is a daybed designed by Noidoi, a daybed that offers multiple functions for the user. It has magazine holder underneath which can be removed by folding the bed and opening the hatch. The hatch itself can be used as a serving tray, or combine it with the magazine holder to use it as a small table. More description by Noidoi:

The idea behind “PULSE” came after observing private spaces and how they are transforming into more polyfunctional environments.

Inspired by this tendency of living, we came up with a piece of furniture that could adapt to different situations “PULSE” is a daybed that can transform and thereby fulfill different needs.

The mattress covering the bed can be folded overlapping the other half. By folding the mattress you access the hatch and the magazine holder. The lid covering the hatch can be used independently as a serving tray. When unfolding the mattress to its full length, “PULSE” transforms into a place for resting. “PULSE” is made by a simple and honest construction highlighting the craftsmanship and materials used. The name “PULSE” comes as a result of the research and the idea of “taking the pulse of something”.

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