This is a minimalist coffee table by Henry Swanzy, a coffee table that is easy to assemble and disassemble. It contains only glass top, wooden legs and bungee cord. The structure of the glass top and the wooden legs gives stability to the table while the cord is used to hold the legs in position so you can’t knock it off See the video here. More description by Henry Swanzy:

Bareppa is a strikingly original piece.

The five components (three turned legs, the glass top and the bungee ‘hub’) combine to create a piece of absolute structural integrity which can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of just a few minutes. Please take a look at the video to see just how easily this is carried out.

The stability of the piece is achieved with the combination of the weight of the glass, the angle of the legs, and the precision of the slots. The bungee cord serves only to hold the legs in position, but does not contribute further to the functionality of the piece.

1100w × 350h × 1100d
English oak, bungee cord, oil & wax finish, 10mm toughened glass

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