This minimalist was chair designed by Henry&Co using a wonderful material that is made from hay bales and grass. The use of these these materials connects between man and earth. Farmers usually use hay bales for a resting place while grass offers a cozy space to sit on warp spring days. Both of them combined into one wonderful material in a minimalist design. By looking at it alone will tell you that this chair is a product of the nature. More description by Henry&Co:

Hay and grass are both a product of the earth and of man. Drawing on their special ambivalence we ideally wanted to connect the two poles using CHAYR. The hay bale, a farmer’s makeshift chair, and the grass, a cozy couch on warm spring days, are entering the home in a new way. The result is a new opportunity, bringing with it an aura of natural well-being.

The key point of the object is the binder that ties the material together: in fact, it allows us to think about a new form of recycling and it unties us from the oil industry, giving us the freedom to grow locally by using the resources that the land provides us. We have decided to take on a less self-congratulatory design to pave a path towards contextualization of the subject and the environment through Italian technological innovation.

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