The Tree is a unique sculpture made from special Corten steel and designed by Landelijk Wonen. The rustic surface creates a natural-brown color like areal tree. When the night is come and the light inside The Tree is turned on, it will looks like a magical tree from a fairy tale, mysterious but beautiful. More description by Landelijk Wonen:

Located in the middle of the woods is a beautiful house with special architecture in the form of a turtle.

It of course also calls for special lighting.

Delighted I was when I recently got to demand a special tree for the patio in the middle of the house. Because the patio is open at the top is the object so in sun, wind and weather.

The tree is made of special Corten steel. This is a type of metal that close to the surface rust and therefore shut himself of oxygen so that the corrosion process stops. This allows these people enjoy years of this object.

The tree is performed with 3 spots of each RGB LED 60 Watts. This gives you a true colors in the evening sky throughout the house.

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