This is a beautiful table lamp and planter in one object. It was designed by Caterina Morettifrom peca. The lamp represent a house while the planter represent a beautiful landscape, creating a beautiful combination like a mini zen garden on your table. More description by peca:

Mökki invites you to contemplate the immensity of the night and on what a flash of light can reveal.

It is a lamp-pot that is born from the contemplation of a peculiar horizon; a drive at night down a darkened road and of the exploration of materials; marble and onyx utilizing the magic of lighting.

The main shape mimics that of a house surrounded by a mini-landscape that you design: a pot that gives life, light and fantasy for the environment in which beauty is of the highest priority.

Technical data:
Hand Carved.
Material: White Onix and Carrara marble, matt polished finish.
Measurements: 40cm x 30cm x 21cm
Lighting: LED technology.

Tags: beautiful lamp design, lighting design ideas, planter design,