This is a simple but smart design by Fabrica, a lamp that will show you a real-time sky out there. It connected to the Internet and get the weather information from the current Facebook location. You can see the video here. More description by Fabrica:

A set of three Internet connected ambient lamps, enabling to share in real-time the sky above us with loved ones, wherever they are.

Patch of Sky integrates with personal spaces, at home or in the office. Each lamp is called after ancient Egyptian weather deities – AMUN the god of wind, SET the god of storms and TEFNUT the goddess of rain – while the mirrors composing the lamps come in three different sizes.

The prototypes, which can be either placed on a table or hung on the wall, are developed with Arduino, while BERGCloud, a hardware and software solution for the Internet of Things, connects the lamp the web.

Patch of Sky gathers weather information based on the current Facebook location: meteorological phenomena are classified into eleven common 2 weather conditions, each of them corresponding to a colored light animation which is displayed on the lamp.

Patch of Sky is your partner or friend’s silent companion telling them about the sky and world you’re living in, while away.

The project was ideated, designed, coded, soldered, crafted, painted and assembled at Fabrica.

Photos by: Shek Po Kwan

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