A house which built on small area usually makes some rooms lack of light and fresh air, makes the rooms looks dark and stuffy. As the effect, the lamps and air conditioning must be on all the day and makes the bill increase. Usually, this problem is the problem of town house(a house which huddle with other houses).

The inner courtyard is one of the ways to solve this problem. Inner courtyard is a small courtyard inside house to supply enough light and fresh air inside the house. It does not require big area, just 1 m2 or 2 m2. The most important of the inner courtyard is it must directly connected to the outdoor, no roof.

The inner courtyard is not filled only with big plant, it can filled with rocklikes and pebbles. Not only that, the inner courtyard can filled by a pond with water plants like lotus on it.

The rooms which adjacent to the inner courtyard must have large aperture to make the light and fresh air enter to the rooms with maximum quantity. The large aperture can be a big ventilation, big windows or sliding door. To make all the rooms on the house get enough light and fresh air, the inner courtyard can made more than one. It makes all the house get enough light and fresh air, give a good air circulation to the house.

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