To make a small bathroom become functional, beautiful, and maximizes the existing floor space, some components such as fixtures, tiles, colors, lighting, sinks, countertops, etc, should be considered.

Colors and Patterns
Wallpaper is one of the way to makes a small bathroom more beautifull. Some people think that to makes small bathroom seen larger by using a neutral, safe paper. Actually it’s not work, it will will make bathroom just feel more boring. A vivid colors and funky patterned wallpaper is one of the right wallpaper for the bathroom. An oversized floral or a metallic stripe are another option for maximum impact.

Mirrors and Metallics
The Mirrors and Metallics has a shiny surface which can reflect and create a greater sense of space. The reflection will add to the impression of depth and give the illusion of more square footage. Try to installing big mirror, glimmering mosaic tiles or shiny wallpaper to make the small bathroom looks bigger.

A small pedestal sink is not a right sink type for a small bathroom, but many people use it because its great designs. This sink does not allow for necessary storage underneath and leave a lot of unused space. A right type of sinks for the small bathroom are floating vanity, cabinet with a drop-in sink and wall-hung sink.

Try to replace an outdated bathub with a shower. A shower can give a lot of more space for small bathroom than a large, cumbersome bathtub. Opaque doors or a shower curtain can limiting user’s sight and makes the shower area become small. Use a glass enclosure or sliding glass doors to make the user can see from one end of the room to the other and give the illusion of more space.

Lighting and Exhaust
Lighting is a most important component to make a small bathroom become great. Using a combination of task-specific, ambient and natural lighting is a great idea to makes the bathroom looks bigger. For example, multiple recessed fixtures in the ceiling are invisible and help disperse the lighting throughout the room instead of focusing it all on one point. Natural lighting is a great light source for the bathroom. It can kill most of bacteria on bathroom. A skylight, glass blocks, or transom windows can be added to allow the natural light enter into bathroom. Also, it can be a ventilation system to help disperse damaging moisture. An exhaust fan can be used to replace the role of windows. It can remove the heat and condensation that trap moisture and ultimately cause mold and mildew.

Here is some tips for decorating small bathroom:

  • Use a pocket door instead of a hinged door. A pocket door will save a lot of space than hinged door which use a lot of space when it swings open and shut.
  • Don’t add any accessories that might clutter the space on the bathroom, such as large decorations or collections.
  • Fell free and have fun when decorating a small bathroom. When there is a mistake, it easily redo and won’t take much time or money.

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