These are unique and fun furniture by Gangpol & Mit, carved furniture which are also true multimedia instruments. Each of furniture have fun character with funny face. You can see the video here. More Description by Gangpol & Mit:

La BoƮte is a collective and hybridal project, featuring a whole new serie of carved furnitures which are also true multimedia instruments, able to produce several kinds of sounds and pictures thanks to their embedded technology. Intended to be freely manipulated by the audience during exhibitions, these workbenches and their related characters are also being used for some retro-utopian concerts/performances.

While the first exhibition was set in October for the festival Maintenant (Rennes), more are coming soon, including Nemo Festival (Cergy / Visages du Monde, from december 14th to 20th) and La passerelle art center (Brest, january).

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