When you see this elegant and stylish bathtub, you will be amazed. Vessel is a bathtub by Splinter Works that combined bathtub and hammock into one object, brings a perfect relaxing and peaceful experience for you. This bathtub is designed to be used in a wet room, suspended from the walls like ordinary hammock. The waste water released through the base into a floor drain. A downpipe drain can also be installed if a wet room setting is not possible.

Vessel is made from carbon fibre which is utilised for its inherent strength and ability to be formed into complex curves, furthermore the weave of the fabric references the cloth of a typical hammock. Beneath the layers of carbon fibre lies a foam core, which insulates the tub, meaning the bath stays hot for considerably longer than normal.

At 2.7m long, Vessel is longer than a regular bathtub, leaving plenty of room to share the experience. Custom sizes are available but it is also designed so that it can be trimmed up to 20 cm to allow for flexible installation. Pictured here in black, it also available in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.

Photos by: Stéphane Rocher

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