The EDDI’s House is a house designed by a Japanese architect, Edward Suzuki, and built by a major housing manufacturer in Japan, Daiwa House Kougyo. The Edward Suzuki Associates said that this is the first case of an industrialized house in Japan (and perhaps in the world) designed by an architect,  Edward Suzuki, and collaborate with Daiwa House Kougyo. The House sold as a ready-made ” product,” designed and fabricated without know the buyers’ characteristics, site conditions, lifestyles, etc.

The house built in an assumption that the site of the house is not surrounded by environment friendly conditions. The house also should looks not outward but inward. Then the house’s concept of “Go in to go out” is created. To fulfill the concept, the house has an outside patio at the center of the house onto which each and every room looks out. The design create a separated atmosphere in the center of the house. With this atmosphere, the house would function comfortably without influenced by outside atmosphere no matter how unfavorable the surroundings condition. The central pation also provide much of direct natural sunlight and also cross ventilation to provide maximum energy efficiency. In other variation, EDDI’s house has extra openings onto the outside in order to bring the assets of the outside into the house.

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