When off it looks like an ordinary deer head decoration, but when you light it on you can see the magic begin. Designed by Chen Bikovski, Popup Lighting is a wonderful wall lamp that plays with light effect to create the antlers-shaped light effect. It is not only a lamp but also an art for your interior. More description by Chen Bikovski:

Popup lighting is a unique wall fixture that combines functionality and art.

Functionality & Art: The fixture is used both as a lamp and a piece of art. Illuminating any room with warm light, it captures the eye with its unique artistic style.

A ‘Wow’ effect, every time: Each time you flip the switch, the light’s reflection on the wall exposes the true form of the fixture – the combination of metal and light inspiring the senses, time and time again.

Instant Ambiance: Create unforgettable ambiance in any room.

A Modern Classic: A contemporary interpretation of a classic icon, offering a modern design of a timeless theme.

Popup lighting is a light fixture inspired by popup books. The idea was to turn every day icons into artistic and elegant lamps. The clean shape of the lamp is amplified by the light’s reflection on the wall, creating a ‘wow effect’ and making the ambiance in the room magical… Bringing back that excitement and naivety we felt when we opened our first popup book.

Popup lighting was made to bring a unique ambience to any space. The game of light and space turns the lamp into a work of art, painting itself all over again every time it’s lit. With a simple flip of the switch, beams of light turn into brush strokes turning the lamp into a work of art that dramatically changes the atmosphere, setting the mood and sparking the imagination.

When I was a child I loved popup books, they had the ability to take me into a world of fantasy and magic that always inspired my dreams. Each time I flipped a page I was sent down the rabbit hole, and just like Alice in Wonderland, I discovered a new fantasy world hidden in the ordinary looking book – the surprise making the magic all the more real.

Growing up, those feelings of magic and fantasy were getting harder and harder to find. That’s why I created Popup Lighting. I always felt that there was something magical about light, so, with my passion for art and design I created a light fixture that would bring those nostalgic feelings of magic, excitement and innocence back into our everyday lives and by doing so, allow us to share them with our friends and loved ones.

The Deer Head lamp is a wall-mounted light fixture that can be used to light a multitude of spaces. It’s a classic, nostalgic wall piece given a contemporary and sophisticated interpretation.

When lit, the Deer Head lamp creates a magical ambience. It’s perfect for any situation; romantic moments in intimate spaces or magical fantasy in a child’s bedroom.

The lamp is made with a laser cutting technique, followed by a metal folding process that gives the lamp a clean contemporary origami feel. The parts are then painted and assembled into the final form of the fixture. The fixture is equipped with energy efficient LED lighting modules. With a simple flip of the switch or pull on the handle (premium edition) the picture is completed by the light’s reflection on the wall, creating the classical Deer Head icon on your wall. The lamp is ideal for low-light environments and even, as a night light.

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