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Simple Planters Inspired by Growth-Form of Palm Tree

These are simple but interesting planters designed by Rainer Mutsch for Eternit. PALMA is a handmade planter, each ring of fiber cement is hand formed at its soft state. These planters are made of a durable and sustainable material based on 100% natural components, Eternit. This material make PALMA can be used for indoor and […]

white Stylish and Elegant Vase with 23 Karat Gold Furnishing

This is a stylish vase design that has that furnished with 23 karat gold at the top border of the vase. It has fluid form like the neck of swan. The gold furnishing make it looks more elegant, add some an elegant effect on your rooms. This vase is made by Kenyon Yeh by making […]

used Stylish and Beautiful Sculptural Planters

These are stylish and beautiful sculptural planters that will make your garden looks more beuatiful. It designed by Collaboration, a collaboration between Canada-based sculptor Marie Khouri and landscape designer Dave Demers. These planters comes in two different materials, light-wight concrete and Proprietary Fiberglass, in several colors such as natural white, sand buff, silver, dark walnut, […]

combinations of Cute Pots for Your Children's Rooms

This is a cute self watering pots by Qualy Design that will nice for your children’s room. Not only for your children’s room, this pots will be funny for your kitchen, living room or maybe your office. The design has a hole to show a squirrel. When the water level inside it rises then the […]