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Beautiful Centerpiece in Rings Pattern

  Fabio Vinella Series have sent us theirs new centerpiece design that will make your table looks beautiful. Here are some description from the designer: Accent iron made inspired by the doilies handmade by our grandmothers. It can be used like centerpiece or like wall decoration. It is available with or without artistic finishing. Photographs: […]

Portable Dresser that Will Save Your Spaces

Victorio Pellicano has sent us his work that will save your space called Closzip. Description from designer: Chicago-based inventor Victorio Pellicano has a terrific new invention for people in apartments called The Closzip. It is a large unit that hangs on your wall and contains more cubic space than a typical dresser while using about […]

Paradoxical Artistic Multi-faceted Clock

This clock named Cucoo clock is designed by Stefan Hepner. The very characteristic of this unique clock is its traditional pendulum design which contrasts to the elegant, enchanting modern look. This is so paradoxical. While the double pendulum suggests classical impression, the multi-faceted shape offers stylish graceful sense. Equally unique is the choose of color; […]

Unique Planters in Contemporary and Antique Design

These are unique planters designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso for HIVE. The Boulders Collection show the great combination between contemporary forms and antique detailing. The simple polygonal shape make these planters looks contemporary while the natural oxidation of metal on the surface gives the rustic antique feel. The Boulders Collection are perfect for your outdoor.

Unique Vases Inspired by Japanese Traditional Game

These are unique vases designed by Yukihiro Kaneuchi, inspired by a Japanese traditional game called Bou-Taoshi. This is a simple game where the players make a heap of sand with a branch in the centre. Each player have their own turns to removing sand and the one who causes the branch to fall loses. The […]

Beautiful Concrete Clocks with Unique Radial Patterns

These are beautiful and unique clocks designed by LeeLABS called Para Clocks. These clocks made of concrete and designed using digital design methods of parametric software. This software allows us to create our own patterns by follows a simple set of steps and rules for making them. So you can own a beautiful and unique […]

Simple Planters Inspired by Growth-Form of Palm Tree

These are simple but interesting planters designed by Rainer Mutsch for Eternit. PALMA is a handmade planter, each ring of fiber cement is hand formed at its soft state. These planters are made of a durable and sustainable material based on 100% natural components, Eternit. This material make PALMA can be used for indoor and […]

Futuristic and Unique Wallpaper with LED

This is an unique wallpaper designed by Ingo Maurer from Architects Paper. This is a great idea for wallpaper that will not only make your interior looks great but also illuminate your room. The LED light can be dimmed and hung in more or fewer strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of […]

Unique Vase Made of Stacked Silestone Slab

Another impressing work by Form Us With Love with Cosentinoin a project of exploring the quartz surface Silestone. Slab Vase is an interesting vase made of rings of Silestone that stacked over a metal bracket to create a sculptural vase. The rings comes in several sizes, shape and colors allows you to create your own […]

Simple and Unique Clock Made of Concrete

This clock try to show that concrete is not only as a building material that usually hidden as the building structure. Concrete can become a modern furniture that will beautify your interior. This clock is designed by Kvarnen Studio and Forsberg Form. This TIDVIS clock is comes in two version, a floor standing clock and […]