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This is a modern planter designed by Alexis Tricoire for a new shopping mall in Prague. The shapes are inspired by the design of shopping bags. More description from Alexis Tricoire: At this new shopping mall in Prague, architects at Alexis Tricoire created the “Green Mobile Project ” a series of suspended, sculptural, mobile gardens. […]

Beautiful Curtains that Look Like Rain

These are beautiful curtains series designed by KriskaDECOR for a bathroom furniture company, Talsee. These curtains made of metal chain that hanging from the ceiling. With the right lighting, these curtains look like a real rain with magical ambiance. If you looking for blind and shades, blinds.com will provides what you needs.

Amazing Clock that Contains 288 Customized Analogue Clocks

This is an amazing clock by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff for Humans since 1982. This clock contains 288 customized two-handed analogue clocks that will forming a single digital clock. You can see the video here. All 288 clock houses together create one giant display similar to that of a digital display, all hands move […]

Rocking Toy that Can be Transformed into Bookshelf

This is a rocking toy by 11 % for your kid with a head that can be changed into desired animal. Your kids can choose between goat, giraffe, lion, elephant, dog or moose. When this toy not used or when your kids has become teenagers, you can lift it upright and use it as a […]

Hanging Cradle that Can Transformed Into a Table

This is a hanging cradle designed by Valerio Vinaccia and can be transformed into a small table when the baby grow up. It consists of a birch shell and a padded nest made of pure wool felt for a child total comfort. The padded nest can be easily pulled out and washed to keep it […]

using Bioethanol Outdoor Fireplace in Magnificent Pyramid Shape

Planika have created these wonderful outdoor fireplace that will make your outdoor looks elegant. Here are more description from Planika: Pyramid is the latest bioethanol fireplace created by a team of extremelyopen-minded specialists at Planika, is the highest product available on themarket, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. It is made of highest quality fibreglass […]

Beautiful Interactive Rug with Customizable Daisy Flowers

Daisy Garden is designed by Joe Jin Design Company Ltd. from Toronto, Canada. It is a rug or floor carpet that looks like a daisy garden, complete with customizable daisy flowers that you can arrange and rearrange in 48 different spot. The rug itself is hand-woven with grass-like threads that conceal a YKK® fastening system […]

Functional Lamp in Two Dimensional Images

These original pieces of furniture are created by UK-based designer Finn Magee for the manufacturer Areaware. The pieces of desk lamp and digital clock are called Flat Life Series. As the name suggest, the form of the products are in flat piece of two dimensional images yet as functional as they usually are in 3D […]

Beautiful Door Designed in Wooden Curtain Form

This artistic door was design by an architectural firm from India, Matharoo Associates. Just like the name suggest, The Curtain Door indeed is interesting as in present the concept of curtain with door function. Artistically finished, the door was crafted with pieces of Burma teak; make it not only beautiful but also strong and durable. […]

Chic Staircase Lighting in Spiral Character

An innovative staircase lightning has been created by .PSLAB. The main characteristic of the lightning is the spiral figure which perfectly mirrors the staircase structure; starting from the base floor and ending at the top floor with no breaking points. Hanging on a rectangular space of uniform wood cladding on the ceiling, the lightning offers […]