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Designed by The National Design Collective, this clock inspired by traditional diamond cutting. It made of concrete, an unusual material for a clock, in a modern faceted shape like a beautiful jewelry. More description by The National Design Collective: Inspired by traditional diamond faceting geometry, each clock is cast in our studio using our own […]

Look at this planter, how cute it is. It is not only a decoration but also a friend to accompany you while you working. Designed by Matteo Cibic, Domsai can hold cactus and succulent plants. More description by Matteo Cibic: • DOMSAI • The best deskfriend you never met ! Handcraft designed and produced with […]

This is a beautiful and artistic candle holder designed by Donatas Žukauskas. The surface looks natural, like a stone carved into this beautiful piece. More description by Donatas Žukauskas: Exclusive handmade interior decor elements are valued for an artistic forms, naturality and originality. This special collection was created following the conception “closer to nature, but […]

Inspired by Sirens from Greek mythology, this mirror and light try to attracts the one who see it. Designed by Olga Bielawska, *Sirens is perfect for you who want something unique and different. It creates an unusual accent yet beautiful, although it will not as comfy as usual mirrors. More description by Olga Bielawska: *Sirens […]

This looks like a simple idea, maybe you have thought it before. Minjjoo is a small door for your kids, allows them to feel like an adult. They can even drawing on it, creating a unique door for themself. More description from Minjjoo: The minjjoo children’s door is an interior door with an integrated small […]

Salmon Nortje has designed this modern and elegant tap. It has two curving parts where the hot water comes from one and the cold from the other. The interesting part about this tap is that you can see the blending hot and cold water in beautiful Y shaped waterfall. More Description by Salmon Nortje: The […]

This is a unique sink designed by Lago where you can see the depth of the sink. It has a transparent bottom that playing with our sense to make it looks deeper. More information by Lago: The result of a subtraction of volumes from an 8-cm-thick shelf, Depth is a washbasin that plays with our […]

This is an amazing swimming pool by Cipriano Landscape Design for a customer who loves violins in Bedford, New York, USA. This swimming pool is based on Stradivarius Violin to create an exact replica with all of its detail and intricacies. The result is this beautiful swimming pool with magnificent lights effect. From the designer: […]

We had seen furniture that made of cardboard, how about art installation? Hypnotic is a wall art that made of recycled cardboard designed by Marie José Gustave. With its circular pattern and unique material, it sure will be an interesting piece in your room.

This is a unique clock designed by Robocut Studio in collaboration with Baron Magazine. They use three vanishing points that usually used in drawing technique. The result is this stunning clock that looks like a wooden box. More description by Robocut Studio: The 3P clock (3 vanishing points) project was born from a collaboration between […]