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Hanging Glass Sculpture in Drop Shape

This is a beautiful hanging glass sculpture designed by Domsky Glass, a Las Vegas-based glass artist. This hanging sculpture has water drop shape that will bring the fresh elements into your interiors. It consist of some drops and will be great for decorating your interiors, make your rooms looks more elegant. Here are some photos […]

side view of Timber Coat Rack with Popped Out Coat Hooks

This is a unique design of coat rack by Kristian Aus for Under. This coat rack is made of Tasmanian Oak and features ten round coat hooks in two different size, 4.5cm and 7cm. It has 50cm of width and 14cm of height. This coat hooks can be popped in and out as required, useless […]

Natural Walls with Green Living Plants

These are green walls that has living plants on its surface. It will adds some natural elements to your interior or exterior with green and refreshing plants, just bring the outdoor to the indoor with these green walls. You can choose what type of plants do you want to put, make it as an alternative […]

white Stylish and Elegant Vase with 23 Karat Gold Furnishing

This is a stylish vase design that has that furnished with 23 karat gold at the top border of the vase. It has fluid form like the neck of swan. The gold furnishing make it looks more elegant, add some an elegant effect on your rooms. This vase is made by Kenyon Yeh by making […]

Simple and Minimalist Clock with Nice Shadow Effects

This simple and minimalist clock is a nice decoration for your room. Designed by Darren Lin from a.cerco Inc, this clock has nice smooth shadow effect that will fit to your contemporary interiors. It has ordinary form of clock, but it show an extraordinary design front another clock design. Here are some photos of this […]

Colorful Floor to Make Your Room Looks Fun

This is a unique floor that has a colorful color. Called as Unouon, this colored floor is inspired by famous artist Andy Warhol. Made by 14 Ora Italiana, this colorful floor will make your room more fun and beautiful. Unouon has a modern design and has a resistance to extreme temperatures, hit and chemical substances. […]

used Stylish and Beautiful Sculptural Planters

These are stylish and beautiful sculptural planters that will make your garden looks more beuatiful. It designed by Collaboration, a collaboration between Canada-based sculptor Marie Khouri and landscape designer Dave Demers. These planters comes in two different materials, light-wight concrete and Proprietary Fiberglass, in several colors such as natural white, sand buff, silver, dark walnut, […]

random square Modern and Eco-friendly Wall with 3D Effects

These are modern wall panels that made by WallArt. It made of bagasse, fibrous residu of sugarcane, which really eco friendly product. It 100% recycled, compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable. These wall panels has a modern design with effects of 3D on the surface. After installing them they can be painted in every colour […]

combinations of Cute Pots for Your Children's Rooms

This is a cute self watering pots by Qualy Design that will nice for your children’s room. Not only for your children’s room, this pots will be funny for your kitchen, living room or maybe your office. The design has a hole to show a squirrel. When the water level inside it rises then the […]

Compost Homefarm in Trendy Design

This is a smart composter that has a trendy design, a perfect decoration for your contemporary interior. Designed by Fran├žois Hurtaud This homefarmer is designed for restaurant to process organic waste into electric energy. It combine the beautiful element with any interior and does a magnificent job of recycling wasted organic matter. Each part of […]