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Cozy Rug with Foldable Section Into Backrest

This rug really offers you coziness with its comfort and cozy design. This Sail Rug designed by Luca Nichetto for Nodusand limited for only 5 pieces. This rug has unique feature that will make you more comfortable to enjoy your time on this rug. It feature soft foldable section that can become a comfortable backrest, […]

Textile Field Lounge Area in The Victoria & Albert Museum

This is a lounge area that placed at The Victoria & Albert Museum. This lounge area designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullecin collaboration with the textile company Kvadrat. This is a textile field installation on Raphael Cartoons Gallery with 30 meters of long and 8 meters of wide. This 240m sq designed to propose a […]

Super Large and Beautiful Green Wall Installation

This is a super large green wall installation by Green Over Grey for Semiahmoo Public Library and RCMP Facility. It has 3000 square feet of large, really a super large green wall. Green walls, also known as living walls, is an exterior decoration that will make your wall more beautiful by cover it using many […]

Stylish and Modern Room Divider with Curvy Shapes Pattern

This is a stylish and modern room divider that will not only divide your room but also decorate it. Designed by Luis Eslava Studio for LZF, this modular screen divider has geometric and curvy shapes that will create a unique light and shadow effect when the light passes through it. You can place some of […]

Simple and Stylish Mirror with Storage and Hook fo Accessories

When you see this mirror for the first time, you will think that this mirror really simple but stylish. But if you look it carefully, you can see three set of removable boxes and bar with hooks on it. Designed by Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel of Les M Design Studio, this mirror is designed […]

plant on Modern Kitchen Planter with Above Storage Boxes

Fresh foodstuff is perfect when you want to cook some foods. To get fresh foodstuffs usually you must have your own garden and plat it yourself outside your home. But how about to plant it inside your home, in your kitchen. This kitchen planter answer it. Designed by Toyo, this planter equipped with storage under […]

white Unique Wall Shelving Inspired by Mara Symbol

This unique wall shelving designed by Arthur Analts and inspired by mara symbol, one of Latvian ethnographic symbol. It designed to hold your keys, coins, cards and other pocket sized thing. Named as WOW, this wall shelving consist of four cups that formed like ‘W’ letter and can hold up to 42kg. It made of […]

Unique and Colorful Rug that Looks Like Abstract Painting

It is no need to buy expensive paintings to add art elements to your interior. Using this rug you can add the some art elements with cheerful colors to your interior. This rug really unique, it looks like an abstract paintings of pile of tiles in different cheerful colors. Designed by Sonya Winner, this handmade […]

used Wall Shelving and Lamp in Light and Thin Shape

This is a wall shelving and lamp designed by Joeri Reynaert called Plyght. It has simple, thin and light shape. It shaped like half of tray and made of molded wood, a right place to place a lots of your things like book, ornaments, keys or maybe handphone. The plyght can be fixed freely to […]

upper kitchen of Beautiful Restaurant Ceiling that Made of Wooden Sticks

This restaurant has beautiful ceiling that made of twenty five thousand wooden sticks that shaped like drum stick. It arranged to create beautiful and mysterious cloud form that decorating all ceiling on this restaurant. Designed by Takeshi Sano for Tsujita restaurant in Los Angeles, the cloud image is inspired by the cloud that can seen […]