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Modern Concrete Tables with Monolithic Structure Design

These tables are designed by Jorge Diego Etienne. These table made of concrete and glass, show the contemporary and modern design. Its concrete base has monolithic structure design that made of two dynamic forms that come together. These tables is made manually by creating the right moulds and mix to makes these table timeless.

Intersecting Triplet Low Table in Contemporary Design

This contemporary table designed by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova. The design looks simple but stunning. It can used as self-standing pieces or as a set of intersecting coffee table in different levels. This table made of solid oak with satin glass top in white and black edition. You can arrange this table and make […]

Wooden Table with Top Composed by Hexagonal Pieces

This is a simple and modern wooden table designed by Coordination Berlin. It inspired by traditional craftsmanship this table using a wedge, legs and a hexagonal boards from local oak as the structure. You can join several tables to become a big table or a long table. Its tabletop consist of four hexagonal pieces with […]

Unique Wooden Table Inspired by Stone Age Hand Axe Tool

This is an unique wooden table designed by Sebastian Desch for Team7. This table inspired by the stone age hand axe tool, carved from three dimensional natural wood segments. The result is a table with edgy surface that makes it looks unusual. If you see it from top, this table looks like turtle’s shell. Rock […]

Modern Table with Barcode Pattern Made of Steel and Stone

This is a modern and unique table produced by Draenert. Because it use stone and steel as basic materials, barcode table can be recycled by 100%. This table has barcode-pattern surface that assembled by selecting 200 different stone types with different characteristics. To make it perfect, this table requires extensive know-how and is assembled, ground […]

Unique Table Inspired by Einstein's Theory

This unique table designed by Axel Yberg, inspired by Einstein’s theory. This theory states that time (the fourth dimension) is only a direction in space and that the separation among past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one. This table made for his brother-in-law family to remember the time of birth […]

Minimalist Desk in Two Thin Layers of Wood Design

This table designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas for Haworth, a simple, minimalist and modern table that will brings natural atmosphere┬áinto your room with its natural grain of woods. It has two thin layers of wood design that actually is one thin piece of plywood, bending and curving its way in a continuous loop. The […]

Fun and Unique Table with Marble Tracks

This is an unique table that tries to combine between adult’s world and children’s world. Did you remember used the woodcarvings of furniture as a playfield for your puppets in fantasy world? This table is inspired by that awesome memory, brought and produced for us by Ontwerpduo. Marbelous table is made of maple wood with […]

Expandable Dining Table Collection with Central Leaf

Lately there are many expandable table ideas such as Astrolab Dining Table and Living Table. And now there is another expandable dining table by Draenertnamed adler. But not like the other expandable dining table that has leafs on its side, this table has leaf on its center. The leaf will pop out when you pull […]

Extendable Dining Table with Remote Controlled Mechanism

This is a cool dining table designed by Roche Bobois, offers an unique ability that make this table is extedable with two 40cm extensions of glass plate. The legs are polished with aluminum make it looks modern and glorious. The glass plate top show the true mechanism of gears that make the table is extendale, […]