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Unique Coffee Table in Cassette Tape Shape

Did you still remember this old cassette tape that allows you to listen to your favorite music? That time when you need to roll back the music using a pencil or a pen? Yes, this unique coffee table by Jeff Skierkatries to bring back your great old memories. This table is a 12:1 scaled replica […]

Unique Table with Stitch-like Decoration in Its Split

This is an unique coffee table designed by Uhuru, a table made of hardwood slab that split nearly in two. This split has a dramatic and natural appearance. It held together and reinforced by four X-shaped “stitches” made of recycled plastic. These stitches and the frame have a matching color that contrast with the chocolate […]

Unique Wooden Table with Droplets Sculpture

This is an unique table designed by Matthew Robinson, a table with cartoon-like appearance that will makes your day looks fun. This table has unique sculptural parts that shaped like droplets of spill in contrast color. These droplets make us remember about another great table named Paint or Die But Love Me. Fusion Table made […]

Unique Wooden Table with Cubes Surface

This is an unique wooden table designed by Justin Richards for Anderson Ranch. This table consists of two small tables with the surface of grid-solid-void relationships. This table made of Baltic Birch for the grid and solid Maple for the infill cubes. The grain of the Maple was carefully indexed before it becomes a cube. […]

Unique Transformable Table Inspired by Had Fan

This is an unique transformable table designed by Mauricio Affonso, inspired by a hand fan. It made of over 400 birch slats and can be transformed into an array of different shapes and sizes so you can use it in many situations. You can expand it or transform it into circular table. This is one […]

Simple and Modern Table with Beautiful Spill-like Pattern

This is a modern and simple table designed by Erika Cross. This table made of scrap MDF and polyester resin with a beautiful spill pattern painted using automotive paint. The base support cannot be seen easily, makes the top look floating in the air. The space between the top and the base can be used […]

Modern and Unique Table For Apple Products Lover

  WamHousehave sent us images of this modern table that will makes you Apple products lover happy. This table will looks weird if you use only one table. But when you join two of this table, it will shows an Apple logo on it sides. Use it and show you’re a true Apple fans.

Modern Table with Unique Combination of Wood and Acrylic

This is a modern and interesting coffee table design by Erika Cross named Jux. Jux coffee table has an unique and interesting materials combination of salvaged willow and 1″ scrap acrylic. The slab wood give a natural design while the acrylic give a modern view. Produced through two generations of manufacturing processes, these materials become an […]

Modern Table in Simple Design

This is a modern table designed by Andrej Cverha, a table that shows the pure simplicity of design. Tantal table consist of two part, a table top in sleek, rounded shape and a modern chromed-out base. This table has no seams, no joints, no complicated instructions. You just place the table top on the base’s […]

Multifunctional Table with Three Transformation

This is a smart table design by David Koch. This table can be transformed into three shape, a dining table, a coffee table, and a desk. You can easily and quickly transform it without tools, thanks to its unique system of hardware. The dining table can fit up to four seats, the coffee table will […]