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Whimsical Adjustable Table with Playful Chicken Foot Leg

Colorful furniture is always playful and lovable. Just like this unique table collection presented by Loook Industries. The design indeed is minimalist yet lovely. Transforming the uniqueness of chicken-foot, the designer has created this playful table supported with unique leg in chicken-foot shape painted in eye-catching colors. The sliding system applied on the leg allows […]

Artistic Table Collection Representing Water Bodies

It is Italian designer Gaetano Pescewho has come with the idea to transform various water bodies into the form of furniture. The result is unique table collection in six different forms each of which representing different water bodies including a lake, an ocean, a river, a sea, a lagoon, a pond and a puddle. Each […]

Unique Table Collections with Playful Legs

Designer John Reeveshas presented a beautiful collection of tables with unique legs made from scrap pieces of marble. The collection includes side table, coffee table and dining table, all with unique scrap marble legs attached on a black furnished table top. This unique playful legs was first made by laminating the rough cut of scrap […]

Cheerful Glass Table Featuring Colorful Trip Lines

The great collaboration between Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola and the Italian glass specialists Glas Italiahas resulted in unique creation of glass table called Crossing. The piece is made of tempered transparent, extremely light glass which is decorated with colorful lines. The asymmetric figure of the table added with the overlapping colors of the crossing lines […]

Unique Table Collection with Single Standing Bottle Leg

Australian designer Tubert Yule has created a unique collection of table called IDA table for manufacturer Mulefurniture. The design doesn’t only offer functionality but style as well. As the shape of the tables are so unique with a single leg resembling standing bottle figure painted in playful colors, these tables will be suitable for your […]

Beautiful Table with Pure White Ice Melting on It

  AA Studiohas presented a new design of table called Melted Snow Table. The design is actually quite simple with pure white color representing the beauty of snow, but the material and technique used to make such an incredible result is no trivial. The material used called Corian, a very strong material, non toxic, non […]

Unique Wooden Dining Table with Sculpted Oceanic Waveforms Surface

The “Ocean’s Edge” dining table created by an American designer Tyson Atwellsure is a unique piece. The table is called so as it unique appearance comes from the inspiration of never ending sea view beauty. Using high technology of CNC router, the tale surface was digitally sculpted; forming an artistic oceanic waveforms moving across the […]

Unique Wooden Chair in Color-Blindness Test Pattern

Designer Yuval Talhas presented a unique creation of furniture called Chopped. The creation is inspired from color blindness tests whose color pattern is slightly complicated. The piece is assembled of multiple wooden rods in different colors tied together with a metal ring. This unique piece is now available in three different sizes with various color […]

Slim Table with Four Branching Legs

I simply love the latest table designed by Anil Ercan. Called Graft table, the piece looks cool and elegant in its simple, minimalist figure. Fashioned in slim structure, the table is characterized by four branching legs. Like a tree, each leg branches out from four points, connecting the leg and the table-top. Such design somehow […]

Stunningly Beautiful Table in Snail Shell Figure

This beautiful table is a smart creation of Marc Fish, called Nautilus. The design sure is eye-catching, isn’t it? It is modern computer technology combined with innovative constructional techniques that makes it possible to create such a beautiful table. What looks like a snail shell has also constructed with smart mathematic calculation so that the […]