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Artistically Unique Table Made of Wood and Iron Steel Elements

The combination between wood and iron steel element has resulted in unique furniture called “Ceci n’est pas une table.” As part of the London Design Festival, the product is exhibited at the Tent London design event. It is British artist Toby Poolmanwho, with his undeniably deep creativity, has created this design which more looks like […]

Unique Table with Intercrossing Bamboo Legs

Lock is a new brand design created by Dutch designer J.P.Meulendijks. The design of the table looks somewhat epic and elegant with intercrossing bamboo veneer legs which are appeared through transparent round glass table top. Such beautiful frame is constructed with flexible bamboo material cut and shaped in layer pieces. The layers then were put […]

Modern Coffee Table in Beautiful Geometrical Stature

Thanks to designer Romain Duclos of Rlos Design who has recently presented Butterflied Table – a modern coffee table with artistic geometrical touch. What contributes to the aesthetic of the table is its multifaceted feet which can be seen through the round glass table top. Its feet assembled of three identical metal pieces shaped in […]

Modern Coffee Table in Functional Staircase Structure

Designer Noa Ikeuchi Tommaso Nani from Milan design studio mist-ohas presented an exquisite coffee table with modern yet unusual style – Mezzanino. Bringing minimalist concept, the designer formed this coffee table in unusual staircase shape. Besides supporting its aesthetic, every single steps of the staircase can be pretty functional, too, as you can place your […]

Functional Table with Integrated Illumination

This fashionable table/lamp design called “Station” is a result of great collaboration work between three young Norwegian designers and university friends: Simen Aarseth, Christoffer Angell and Øyvind Wyller. One of its features is the adjustable table surface, makes it suitable for both working desk and coffee table, depending on your need. In addition for this […]

Modern Desk Featuring Secret Storage for Laptop Users

The Swedish furniture brand A2has recently presented an original product called Hidden – a minimalist desk deliberately designed for laptop users. Polished in all white tone, the desk looks elegant and doesn’t look so much conspicuous yet elegant in its own way. What makes the design interesting is mainly its sliding panel on half of […]

Exquisite Coffee Table with Blue Water Surface Resembling a Swimming Pool

Collaborating designers Marcus Beck and Simon Macro of Freshwest Designhas designed this exquisite coffee table which is exhibited at the Super Brands London design event, a part of the London Design Festival. The look of the design is rather deceiving as if it were a swimming pool, perfectly suits what the name suggests. What contributes […]

Elegant Table in Minimalist Folded Figure

It is NOVAE Architecturewho has come with new product of minimalist table called Foldone. It is a modern table formed in minimalist style yet brings elegance within its figure. The uniqueness of the design lies on its folded surface, creating beautiful asymmetrical silhouette of its geometrical lines. The design is functional as well as the […]

Beautiful Table Collection Made Of Natural Stone

This chic table collection called Geo Table has been designed by a young Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos for Show Me, an art and design gallery. This series of stone-and-wood side tables has a very natural character of modern furniture while still maintaining its nature of wild stone. The upper side of the stone surface was […]

Unique Glass Table Supported With Biting Legs

Designer Cla Tschenetthas created a SUTIL table which is exhibited at the 100 % Design show at the London Design Festival. The material used includes carrara marble and carbon fiber. The uniqueness of this piece of furniture lies on its unusual yet somehow beautiful form – a single piece of large glass held, or rather […]