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Unique Woden Stool Looks Like Sliced

This unique stool is designed by Héctor Esrawe, made of seferal wood type like solid walnut, tzalam, and beech wood, finished using natural oils. This stool try to become a symbols for status, tradition, religion and identity. It looks like sliced at its center, created using a complex process of cutting, assembling and lathing. This […]

Unique Bar Stool with Ivy Cap Seating

This unique bar stool designed by Fabio Vinetta, called as Picciotto. This bar stool has unique seating that shaped like ivy cap. This stool will be great for your kitchen or other room, provide a comfortable seating while you enjoy snacks. He even have a slogan for this bar stool: “Fashion without hats would be […]

Simple Portable Stool with Wooden Y-Frame structure

This simple stool is designed by Noon Studio. This portable stool is made of steel as the surface and wooden as the structure. The structure is shaped like Y or lambda symbol and it made of oak. At this structure you can see a holder hole that will make you easier to bring this stool. […]

Simple Stool that Inspired by Bird Nest

This stool looks really simple with its three legs and brown seating. Designed by Note Design Studio, this stool actually inspired by bird nest. The legs act as a strong tree that elevated, protected, carried the nest, while the seating act as the soft, warm and comfortable nest. It showing a great combination between strong […]

Funny Stool with Playful Seating For Your Kids

This is a funny stool with playful seating to make your kids more creative. Not only as a stool, this Pelly stool can be used as smart and fun toys for your children. It consist of some colorful pegs and a holder where in the tip of the pegs it covered with soft fabric in […]

Weird Stool with Long and Big Tail

This is a weird stool is designed by Eyal Hirsh, bring some fun atmosphere to your home. It looks like an animal with two legs and one long and big tail. You can sit on the seating or on the comfortable tail while watching TV or chatting with your friends. The base is made of […]

Unique Stool That Made of Concrete Canvas

This is a unique stool designed by Florian Schmid. This unique stool is made of new material called concrete canvas. To create the shape Schmid needs to form it at first and then water the material to make it as hard as concrete. This material offers you with the softness of cloth on the surface […]

Simple and Stylish Stool with Curve Wooden Pieces Seat

This is simple and stylish stool designed by Alexandre Reignier. This stool has a curve seat made by pieces of ash wood in raw finish, create a comfortable seat for the user. The base made of aluminum finished in clean white, give a contemporary style to the stool. Henri Stool is a combination between Scandinavian […]

storage of Unique Eco-friendly Smiling Stool Made of Reclaimed Wood

This is a unique stool that has unique space formed like a smile under the seating. This space can be used as a storage space where you can store your keys, phone or other little items. Designed by Fitorio Leksono, this stool created to respond the wood waste from furniture industry on Indonesia. This stool […]

Stylish and Simple Stool that Can Stands Flexible

This is a stylish and simple stool designed by Thorsten Franck. This stool only has one rounded leg formed like an egg that made of 3.6mm of thin oak veneer. To make it balanced, the weight is centered in the bottom using the principles of a tumbler, make it can stands with its not stable […]