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Simple Stool and Table Inspired by Conifer Pine Trees

This furniture is designed by Joint Perspectives, pieces furniture that inspired by conifer pine trees. This simple furniture comes in pairs with three different sizes to choose. You can stack it into one pile to save space. The cushion can be removed and make this stool become a coffee table. The simple design makes it […]

Unique Stool that Made of A Sheet of Felt

This is an unique stool by Moorhead & Moorhead for Lerival, offers you an unique seating experience. This stool is made of aluminum, fastening rivets and a single sheet of industrial sheet of felt that folded and riveted into a structural volume and upholstery. Like an origami, this stool shaped like a saddle that makes […]

Unique Stool Made of Bent Rattan

This unique stool is designed by Wiktoria Szawiel, showing the unique use of rattan to create a stool. The rattans are bent and planted in wood base, make it looks like a brush. This technique is unexpectedly different in comparison to regular rattan weaving technique. This technique also leaves spaces among each rattans stick and […]

Modern and Unique Stool with S-Shaped Seat

This unique stool is designed by Stevan Djurovic, showing unusual but modern design of stool. This stool consists of two parts that made of plywood. One part is supportive dual leg component and the other part is S-shaped seat with third legs made of bent plywood. It comes in several finishing colors to choose, from […]

Simple and Comfortable Modular Seating

This is a modular seating designed by Peter Hertel and Sebastian Klarhoefer for BlĂ„ Station. This modular seating can be used as an easy-chair or section sofa. You can use it individually or linked together as sofa. The inner frame use styrofoam and wooden, while the outer frame use stainless steel. It comes in several […]

Unique Stool Formed in Big Hourglass

This is an unique stool that also a big hourglass that will really cute on your interior. It also will teach your child about time, where back then people use this kind of “clock” not the usual round clock. The white sand last for five minutes. Made of durable mango wood, this stool can hold […]

Unique Stool that Allows You to Adjust the Height

This is an unique stool designed by Manuel Welsky, a stool that inspired by bottle corks and screw. Its design allows you to adjust the height by simply rotate the bottle crocks seating. The frame is made by a high quality steel pipe, give a contrast-looking with the seating that make it interesting and unique. […]

Unique Stool with Natural Pattern of Solid Wood

This is an unique stool that will bring a natural effect into your house. This stool is made by used, recycled and reclaimed solid wood with metal base that will make it natural but modern. Available in Briccola and Cedar with its natural knots, cracks and hollows. This stool designed with asymmetrical silhouettes that make […]

Unique and Simple Stackable Stool in Cube Shape

This stool is unique that allows you to stack it into one pile, give more space for your room when not used and provide an unique sculpture for your interior. This stool designed by Anaesthetic, a Sydney based design studio. Each of this stool has pyramid shape indention in the sides where you can place […]

Unique Modern Stool that Made of Clay

This unique stool is designed by Max Cheprack, a student at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. He do a research of clay extrusion process and the result is this unique and modern stool. The design has holes that make it looks airy and light. It also give a sturdy seat that will be […]