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Elegant Wooden Stool Inspired of Ancient Jade Coin

Ru-Ju Stool, a new creation of wooden stool, has been introduced by Taiwan-based designer Yu-Fen Lo. Inspired from ancient jade coin, the construction of the stool consist of a round seat made of wood with a hole right in the middle of it “just like that form of coin” only this one is made of […]

Simple Elegant Wooden Stool in Complex-look Structure

Designer Troy Backhousehas recently created a unique piece of stool called Ane. What makes this stool so unique is its deceiving look: while the structure appears to be complex, it actually quite simple. At the first glance the stool looks as if pieces of timber were floating on four cylinder legs. But if you take […]

Modern Stool in Unique Traditional Accent of Janggu Drum

Whenever it stands, you will not pass through the room without noticing this Rope stool. The red color indeed is bold. Inspired by unique shape of Korean traditional drum – janggu, designer Minki Kimpresented us with such a modern stool. Interestingly, this uniquely shaped stool makes use of no adhesives or screws but the piece […]

Flexible Stool Collection in Playful Screw Figure

Designer Tamasine Osherhas created a unique collection of stool pieces called Spring Stools to be exhibited at the tent London design event as a part of London Design Festival. The design is so unique and playful that you must want to try sitting on it. Spring Stool consists of two round wooden pieces linked together […]

Minimalist Chair Design Allowing You to Wiggle

If you’re looking for a playful seating with simple and elegant design, you may love the latest stool design created by Snapp. Called Orbit Stool, the piece takes drum-like shape which is so simple but somehow looks elegant. Interestingly, it also offers playful feature as the stool is made of slightly pointed cork base, allowing […]

Creative Children's Stool Composed in Playful Puzzle

  Cristina Sicolihas introduced a creative design of children’s stool which not only looks chic but also functional. Called Asterisk stool, the edifice is just like that puzzle game. The 17 interlocking pieces are all that is needed to assemble a complete unit of this chic stool. Interestingly, the pieces can be easily put together […]

Simple Stool with Natural and Modern Combination

This is a simple but interesting stool designed by Vladislav Zhukovets. Its seating use an uncovered slice of a natural tree, shows the natural pattern of the wood. The edge and the legs finished in white, bring a modern view to this stool. Simple, modern and natural, this is a great combination for your interior.

Unique and Fun Stool Inspired by Pushpin

This is an unique stool designed by Kenyon Yeh for COOIMA. This stool inspired by office pushpin, enlarge it in hundreds times to make it comfortable enough for the user. It made of natural cork material. You can use Pushpin as a stool and as a coffee or side table. This stool will become a […]

Unique Bench with Combination of Wood and Aluminium

This unique bench designed by Hilla Shamia, made of unusual combination of damaged wood and aluminium. Aluminium casted on the wood and leave burnt effect on the surface of the wood. The wood’s crack filled with aluminium, make this bench stronger. They try to keep the natural form of the tree trunk, keeps the natural […]

Simple and Environment-friendly Stool Inspired by Milking Time

This is a simple and unique chair designed by Noddy Boffin, inspired by a quote by Grant Wood that say: “All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow”. It made of plywood for the legs and cork for the seat, joined by a smart strip of […]