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This is a creative stool design is inspired by latch hinge that commonly used for jars and bottles. Designed by Christian Juhl, this stool can be detached to save some space or to carry it easily. More description by Christian Juhl: In this short term project, I worked with collapsibility as a premise. I was […]

This is a unique stool by Jake Phipps that shaped like a spent ammunition cartridge. You can choose between bronze or silver finish to make it fit perfectly in your interior. Not only as a stool, Shell Stool can be used as bespoke bench or table configurations. Put it in your room and it will […]

We have seen some expandable tables before. Now I present you an expandable stool by Karthik Poduval. Extend the stool and share it with your friends. See the video here. The Room for Two Stool was initially born out of an interest in creating space-saving furniture for both public and domestic use in our increasingly […]

This unique stool is designed by Aud Julie Befring, inspired by the lambs on the spring fields. The unique part of this stool is the seating that composed of colorful felted wool in hemisphere shape. Even, you can make your own seating! More description by Aud Julie Befring: Inspired by the lambs on the spring […]

This is a simple children stool designed by Paula Corrales. This stool made of cork, an eco-friendly material, and shaped like acorn. It designed for a kid between 2 and 6 years old, allows them to use it as an ordinary stool or a rocking stool. You can see how it made here. Description from […]

These are unique stools designed by Riva 1920. It shaped in various objects we can find in our house like wash machine, books, lamp, tire, etc. These stool look like wooden toy for both kids and adults.

This is a colourful and fun furniture designed by Meb Rure. It composed of chair, ottoman and stool and made of recycled silk yarn for the cushions. Colourful and eco-friendly, a great furniture for your house. Fabric waste into the end material. This ecological furniture family consist of chair, ottoman and stool which are made […]

Designed by Jarred Christison, this stool is perfect for you who need amplifier when playing your musical instrument. You can see the video here. PIK stool combines the joy of playing music with the elegance and comfort of furniture design. Focusing around the beautiful, crisp sound of acoustic guitar, the aim was to design a […]

Designed by Richard Clarkson, Zena Verda Pesta and Clay Kippen, U Stool is a simple rocking stool which encourages active sitting to its user. This way the user can sit on this stool for a long time. More information: As part of the Material Futures course – MFA in Products of Design, SVA, and taught […]

A unique wooden stool by Kuo Tzu Jung for MOISSUE. It inspired by wild dandelion flower, showing natural, warm and strong elements. More description: MOISSUE always likes to challenge the limit of craft. After a primitive survey on the structure of Taiwan woodwork industry has been done, we decided to integrate traditional techniques and introduce […]