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If you who love something artistic, maybe you will love this stool. Designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams, this stool has a unique and artistic pattern on the seat. The seat made from urethane resin and each seat is handmade, meaning each stool has a unique pattern. It comes in tall and short version […]

Marcel Wanders have designed this fun and playful barstool for moooi. This stool combines two contrast characteristic of classic and modern design, creating this unusual stool with playful design. The classic and antique shape kinda remind me of chess pieces.. More description by moooi: The New Antiques Barstool complements its hard, voluptuous body with the […]

Designed by Malgorzata Knobloch and Igor Wiktorowicz from WITAMINA D, this modern stool is made from half of oak tree trunk as the seat and laser cut metal as the base. This combination creating a modern stool with natural accent. More description: The “1/2” stool is made of half of the tree trunk. The unique […]

Even tough it looks simple, this stool has a smart design which needs a little space to store it. Slim was designed by Olivier Roels and able to collapsed or opened as you need. The legs are held together by hidden hinge while the seating can stay on the place using Neodymium magnets. More description […]

Designed by Kora Monigle, this stool is inspired by pillow. But instead using its most essential character, the softness, she taking it out to creat a new combination of hard and soft. When sat on, the seat will slightly compressed. More description by Kora Monigle: This stool was inspired by pillows and the contrast between […]

Designed by Mohanad Belal, stool is inspired by colored paper clip. The base looks like a paper clip with its pastel color finishing. But I think it will looks more interesting if he create the base based on original paper clip shape. More description by Mohanad Belal: The design was inspired from a coloured paper […]

This is a simple but interesting stool designed by Matt Pugh. It has a owl face form in a simple way, makes it looks interesting and funny. It made of Walnut or Oak with 12 colors to choose, you can match it with your interior theme. More description by Matt Pugh: Owl is the signature […]

This is a folding stool by Brett Mellor that can be collapsed into a flat pack for easy storage and transportation. It made of felt which saturated with resin in a specific pattern. More description by Brett Mellor: The Felt Folding Stool brings origami and flat pack together in a piece of furniture. The felt […]

These are funny stools designed by Hanna Emelie Ernsting, a stool and a pet for you and your kids. each of stool has a cute animal shape and provides a cozy space to cuddle or put your feet on it. More description by Hanna Emelie Ernsting: The desire to relax at home, to cuddle up […]

This is a stool and also a low table, made of scented cedar wood and adorned in laser-cut metal with brogue pattern. It designed by Studio BAAG who inspired by shoemaker’s skill of brogue pattern. More description by Studio BAAG: A solid wooden stool made of scented cedar wood, adorned in walnut. Inspired by the […]