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Designed by Lapo Germasi and Victor Pukhov from MID, this modern and unique stool was inspired by the traditional act of splitting firewood. The legs have a shape of split firewood but in modern design. This stool consists of a seat, legs and a plus-shaped wedge to tighten the legs up. This system makes it […]

Designed by Benjamin LemariƩ from La Subtile, this stool was designed to save some space. It designed so it can be slotted together, saving some space or extend it to create various size of benches. You can also choose different colors to create the bench, creating a colorful bench that will cheerful and pretty.

This is a stool designed by Juan Cappa, made from unusual material to create a modern looking furniture. Straw is used as the main material, held by plywood and metal as the structure. The straw creates a natural and traditional design while the colorful structure creates a modern looking design. When the seat is worn […]

Don’t get fooled by the its look! It may looks like a real stone that will hurt your butt when you sit on it, but it actually made from a soft material. Designed by Matthijs Kok, this chair is made from polyurethane soft foam with clay grains and pigment to create the raw stone texture. […]

A modern house sometimes lacks of natural elements inside it. But with these Green Grass stools by Marron Rouge, you can not only see the refreshing green grass inside your house but also sit on it. Even tough the grass is made from recycled synthetic grass, it still looks like a real grass. The good […]

Sometimes it feels lonely when we are at home alone. But with this Companion stools, your days will be different. No more lonely days! This stool was designed by Phillip Grass. It looks like a little alien from planet nowhere that will keep you accompany everyday. More description by Phillip Grass: The solid wood seat […]

This is a cute pouf designed by Alessandro Damin for Formabilio. This ottoman has a cute design that looks like a men’s shirt, especially the arm part with button cuff. This button cuff can be used as a magazine rack, just slip the magazine inside it. More description by Formabilio: Polsino reminds a men’s shirts, […]

Inspired by potter’s wheel, Hamajima Takuya created this unusual stool called U Stool. This stool has slim model with arm rests which connected with each other by the U-shaped frame. Because of the unusual design, for me this stool looks like a frame of spacecraft in fantasy story.

Ausgebrannt, means “burned out” in German, is an unusual stool that made by burning tree trunks in varying length to shape it. Kaspar Hamacher burned the tree trunks to hollow out parts of the bole to shape legs, leaving a unique characteristic of black charcoal inside the legs. With several size to choose, Ausgebrannt is […]

This is a cute stool designed by Manrico Freda. The shape designed to be like a half-shorn sheep, creating a cute little stool that suitable for adults or kids. The seat itself is extremely soft and cozy, allowing you to sit on this stool all day long. More description by Manrico Freda: Cora is not […]