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Easily Assembled Modular Shelf that Inspired by Indian Scaffolding

This shelf designed by Studioapart, an easy to built shelf that will perfect for your life.¬†Description from Studioapart: Andamio Shelf is a modular shelving system, which was inspired by traditional Indian scaffolding. The system is playing with the spirit of simplicity and functionality through the materials and compounds of the different parts. One feature is […]

Creative Modifiable Shelving System for Vertical and Horizontal Use

Looking for a chic shelf for storage with minimal space use? This design created by Sebastian Schonheitmay catch your attention. This minimalist shelving system was created for both vertical and horizontal use; make it possible for you to creatively make use of the spaces for book storage. To create a complete unite of this chic […]

Simple Shelves with Smart and Simple Clamping System

These are simple shelves designed by Samuel Weller, shelves with simple but smart clamping system. Holdfast designed with the exploration of clamps and their infinite possibilities as both a tool as well as joining device. It comes with two type of clamps made by using a computer controlled wire bending device, one to hold the […]

Modern Shelf Inpired by Natural Structure

This is a modern shelf designed by No√© Duchaufour-Lawrance, a shelf inspired by basic structures found in nature. The designer tries to join all natural element from the cell to the star and planetary systems. With the interconnected structure it shows the connection with all element of the self itself and with the universe. The […]

Simple Small Wall Storage that Freely Organized

This simple wall storage designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for VITRA. This shelves created by the idea of an impromptu and small storage area that needs to spontaneously keep items. The design is simple but beautiful in several sizes and shapes. Corniche can be used freely, install on or some of this shelves to […]

Unique Shelving Units that Installed to Hole in The Floor

Hole in The Floor is a unique shelving unit that designed by Yael Mer & Shay Alkalaybased on the idea of things unexpectedly ending in a physical sense. It looks like a tilted drawers with far far away end under the floor, make you think that there is a magic floor on your floor. It […]

Simple and customizable Modular Shelves Made of Plywood

This is a simple but smart design by Pietro Russomanno, a modular shelves that can be costumized as you like. Each of the square module can be connected using the side-slits. You can create an unique form of shelves only for you in several way. Made of bent plywood, Smartsquare has two colors of natural […]

Unique and Fun-looking Shelf Equipped with Lamp

This is an unique shelf by Decorkuznetsov Studiowith its fun-looking shape in blue color. The corner of this shelf has curve shape that give a friendly and save feeling. This shelf comes with a lamp that will light the stuff inside it. This will make you easily find the right stuff you want. It comes […]

Modern Modular Wall Shelves In Natural Colors

This is a modular wall shelves designed by Julia Quancard. This modular shelves has modern design and made of laminated composite wood. You can stack several selves together to create one big shelves system. In this shelves you can place a lot of your stuff such as your favorite books, CDs, keys or even another […]

Simple Modular Shelves with Dimensions that Can Modified

This is an unique and simple shelves designed by Bashko Trybek. It consist of shelves and wires that hold the shelves in unique way. You are freely to choose the dimensions of the shelves and wires to fit it on your room. The wires has several color such as blue, red, yellow and black. These […]