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Tilted Storage Unit that Easy for You to See Inside It

This is a great idea for a storage unit by Lisa Sandall. Chin Up Storage Unit will sit perfectly in your study or living room to store your favorite books, digital media, and boxed items. It tilted in perfect angel that makes it facing to your face and reducing the need to kneel to find […]

Simple Ladder and Shelves Combination for Small Space

This simple but smart combination between ladder and helves is a great option for you who have a small space. This bookshelf created by Workstead, Brooklyn based architects and designers. You can use the ladder to reach things on top of shelves or just to go outside to get fresh air. Simple, minimalist but functional, […]

Stylish Shelf in Wind Motion Shape

Most of furniture showing a static design, but this shelf by Olivia Blechschmidt showing how a furniture can have not static effect that makes it looks live in your room. She made A Shelf in The Wind by studying the transformative properties of the wind and then applying them to become a common piece of […]

Minimalist and Functional Shelving System Installed on the Bedside

This super minimalist shelving system designed by Phil Procter is called Pippin, a very smart piece of space-saving furniture. Perfectly following minimalist style, the shelf is designed to be installed on the wall, particularly to be located near your bedside so that you can keep some important things close to you even when you’re asleep. […]

Modern Shelving System in Unique Fire Escape Miniature

Urban Shelf is a new piece of shelving system for modern interior. The design is simple but creative; it’s shaped in a three-floor fire escape miniature and designed to be installed on the wall. The shelf is also durable since it’s made of durable steel material colored in black, which makes it fit into colorful […]

Minimalist Shelving System in Modular Piling Cubes

Designer Alp Nuhoglu has recently created Limit, a new design of shelving system in modular yet minimalist unit. Unlike its name, Limit has no limits on its storage system as its 36cm cubes can be stacked and expanded horizontally following the concept of 3S: storage, separation, sculpture. The Limit is available in mix and match […]

Creative Shelving System to Store Your Dearest Collection

Designers from The Fundamental Shophas presented an exclusive shelving system with unique character and name also – A Few Of My Favourite Things. The name indeed original and extraordinary, just perfectly fit the unique design. Assembled of several wooden blocks, the shelving system allows varied configuration according to your need and preference, either you like […]

Modern Minimalist Shelving System Assembled of Thin Metal Frames

Designer Luca Nichettohas recently introduced the latest design of shelving system called Drizzle. You may imagine the drop of water just from its name. Indeed, the inspiration of its design was the long lines of the falling rain so that the design of the shelf was built in slim structure of long thin metal frames. […]

Hanging Shelf in Rectangular Frames Cluster Figure

The picture here is a smart creation of designer Gerard de Hoop. It’s called Monocoque Cluster as the piece is indeed compiled in cluster system of rectangle frames. Hang it on the wall and you will get a chic shelving system in your room. One of its advantages is to save the space as the […]

Ultra Slim Shelf Featuring Secret Drawer

Minimalist furniture is one of the promoting characters of contemporary style. This concept is brought y Japanese designer from Torafu Architectsthrough the creation of Clopen Shelf. It is a piece of shelf in flat, slim figure that can be easily attached to the wall. The design may look plain but you will be surprised to […]