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This is an unusual and smart shelving system by Sebastian Errazuriz. This shelf consist of wooden wall with parts that can be lowered as you need. The lowered parts will create a space while the other will act as a frame. More description by Sebastian Errazuriz: The Piano Shelf offers a flexible wooden wall that […]

This is a unique shelf design by Van Tjalle en Jasper, a shelf in a shape of heartbeat line from the machine that monitor heartbeat. The heartbeat line is chose because of its iconic sign that could represent life. With its unusual design, it sure will make your interior looks great and interesting. More description […]

This is amazing shelf designed by Willy Chong, a shelf made entirely of paper sheets. Even tough it made of paper, it is sturdy enough to hold your books and other things. This shelf is inspired by the usage of paper in two different culture, Chinese and Sweden. You can see the video here. More […]

This modular and fun-looking shelving system is designed by Erik and Kyuhyung. It consists of 25 stackable blocks and a low table that can be combined as you like. More description by Kyuhyung: When it comes to furniture, people are used to placing a object within a square space. While it is common to use […]

Tipi is a shelving system by JOYNOUT, inspired by the live of nomads. It can be used as a permanent shelving system, but you can easily easily transfer, assemble, change, disassemble and rebuild when you need to move out. More description by JOYNUT: Inspired by nomads The dynamic world of travel, which holds changes and […]

This is a modular and multifunctional shelving designed by Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet called BUILD. BUILD allows you to arrange it as you like. Even you can use it as a stool or a table. The sky’s the limit of your creativity. See the video here. BUILD permits you to ‘design’ your own […]

This is a unique shelf that will make your children want to clean their room. Designed by OOO My Design, this shelf is inspired by pin art toy – a toy that popular in 80’s. Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where […]

Modern Modular Shelves that Made of a Curved Glass

A Milan-based studio, Klass, have designed this modular shelving system. The shelves are made of curved glass from FIAM’s advanced production technology, creating three-dimensional that different from ordinary shelves. Foulard is a sequence of curves and deformations of the material that creates a series of shelves and transparency plays, creating the illusion to wrap itself […]

Interesting Shelf Design in Random-like Cells Position

This is an interesting and unique shelf that will be great for your interior. Designed by E/B Office, Softshelf is inspired by the idea of creating a bookshelf that deforms the rational cellular grid in order to create a custom occupiable, differentiated, and soft space for the storage of books and other objects. You can […]

Simple and Flexible Shelf System in Unusual Design

This shelf system has an unusual and interesting design that allows you to put different size of things in this shelf. It designed by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn inspired by the idea to create individually flexible room. Chuck consists of six wooden planks with two stainless steel locking collars placed at the ends. The planks can be […]