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Designed by Dmitry Kozinenko, these simple metal shelves comes with holes on the background. These holes create a gradient of color based on your wall. Just remember to put it against a wall with different color from the shelves.

This is a perfect rack for you who love to skate! Designed by Zanocchi & Starke, this rack allows you to store or take your skateboard easily without making you wall dirty because of the wheels. Even if you don’t have skateboard yet, you can use it to store other things or even use it […]

This is a minimalist shelves that is designed by Daniel Garcia and Maria Vargas from Woodendot. This handmade shelves was inspired by pelican with its long beak that has big bag. It has a simple design with container on top of it where you can put things and hidden hook under it where you can […]

This is a simple but interesting shelving system that is designed by Luka Pirnat. 360 SHELF is made of simple wooden frame with adjustment system hidden inside. You can rotate it to the angle you like and put your favorite things on it. More description by Luka Pirnat: Change the way you organise your space, […]

This is a minimalist but beautiful shelves that was designed by Livia Chisari for Formabilio. You can install it on your walls and arrange it to looks like leaves blown by gust of wind, it is beautiful. I just hope they comes with brown and red colors so with the yellow color it will looks […]

Designed by Maria Yasko, this playful shelf has a unique shape based on the shape of Iceland. A tree trunk added to makes it looks like a tree. The soft blue color and the white branch shelf making a playful design that will decorate your room.

This shelving system is not only an ordinary shelving system. It has overlapped geometric design that makes it a functional shelf and decoration for your room. Collage is designed by DSIGNIO, inspired by the artistic movements that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in Suprematism, Cubism, and Neoplasticism. DSIGNIO’s purpose was to create […]

Looking for modular shelving system? Dots is the answer. Designed by ARIS Architects for Polarislife, it consist of wall and boxes that allows you to arrange your own shelves. The wall has small wooden cylinders in a grid-type pattern that will keep the boxes from falling. And if you don’t want to use this shelving […]

This is a shelving system that perfect for you, especially if you have small space. Designed by Malte Grieb this shelving system provides you modular space to store your things as you like. If you have nothing to place, just fold it to the wall. It even have a wall desk that can be hid […]

This is an unusual shelf designed by Sebastian Errazuris, a hand-carved shelf that following organic designs of crawling ivy. It’s like a real growing plant that trying to reach something, surely an interesting shelf for your interior. More description by Sebastian Errazuris: Metamorphosis is hand-carved, following organic designs of crawling ivy. Much like the Bilbao […]