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Designed by Robby Cuthbert, this unique shelf was inspired by suspension bridge. It was made from two types of wood, mahogany for the fin and red oak for the shelf. The shelf is suspended by wires that mimics the construction of suspension bridge, balancing the unbalanced shelf while creating beautiful contours. More description by Robby […]

This shelving system is a smart thing to store or display your things. It was designed by Mark Kinsley from Lake and Wells to take the role both as shelf and art. Riveli itself means “to reveal,” that means you can “reveal” and “un-reveal” this shelf as you want. When you “un-reveal” or fold it, […]

Designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, this unique and beautiful shelf was made using an actual tree branch. The branch was twisted, turned, and readapted so it can be installed on a flat wall. The use of additional flat shelves allow it to have a natural and original branch shape while still functional to hold various things […]

Designed by Philip Bogaerts, this simple and minimalist shelves was designed to mimic the shape of stones. The use of gray and fabric with its rough surface makes it looks more like a real stone. It comes in different sizes that can be combined in any position you want. You can install it in random […]

Designed by Brandon Knowlden, this rack is so simple and minimalist that you can’t see any screws or hooks on it, just like a simple wood glued on the wall. But it has a super strong magnet inside that will hold up to 150 keys! But don’t worry, it will not harm your phone, credit […]

Designed by Straight Line Design Inc, these shelves sure looks fun to have. these shelves were inspired by the post modern architecture in Palm Springs. Taking a shape like a dollhouse, these shelves are great to show or to play with. More description by Straight Line Design Inc: The first edition of the House Shelves […]

Designed by Ronda Design, this shelving system consist of wall panels and various design of shelving units. You can change the shelves’ composition and position anyway you want, thanks to the extreme magnetic force that keeps the shelving units on the wall panels. Now you can have a shelve with your own design. More description […]

Designed by Nendo for Glass Italia, these minimalist shelves will looks great in any room. It has structure that is made of transparent glass while the shelves made of black sheet of glass. These shelves can be slid onto the transparent glass structure and creating the floating effect. This shelving system will fit to any […]

This is a minimalist wooden rack designed by Steffen Kehrle for l’abbate Italia. It has zigzag pattern on both side that allows it to be customized as you like. You can change the height of each shelve as you want so it can hold many thing with many variations of height. More description by Steffen […]

Designed by Lucas Stoppele and Jean-Charles Kien, these shelves are inspired by the profile of icebergs. These shelves come in various size to choose so you can combine it as you like. More description by Jean-Charles Kien: MSGS is a set of shelves with various sizes and shapes inspired by the profile of icebergs. The […]