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This small shelf was designed by Agata & Arek Seredyn from Rafa-kids for your children’s bedroom, especially the one with contemporary interior. It is made from 100% Finnish Birch plywood and powder coated metal. If you buy it with the ball magnets, your children can hang their notes, pictures, or anything else. More description by […]

This is a unique shelf designed by Charles Kalpakian. This shelf has a classic optical illusion pattern used by cabinet makers. With this design, the shelf looks different depending on the observer’s point of view. Put it in your living room and let your friends and family wonder about it. More description by Charles Kalpakian: […]

Something simple is not always bad. On the contrary, it can be great. Take this L Shelf for example. Designed by Aurélien Veyrat from Objet Optimisé, this shelf is composed by only L-shaped bentwoods. You don’t need glue or screws, just slot it into the other L Shelf. With this modular shelf, you can make […]

Designed by Bina Baitel, this unique storage has shelf that will follow the shape of the content inside it. It got the inspiration from an amazing book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry called Little Prince, which has an illustration of boa that looks like a hat after swallowing an elephant. The user can put their items […]

Displaying your toilet papers is a little bit weird, and it is not a great thing to look at. So most of people just hide it in a cabinet or just put it on a shelf. But with this toilet paper holder, designed Bertrand Jayr and Lyon Béton, you can display the toilet papers in […]

Designed by Artori Design, this shelf has a cool design that makes it looks like a superhero is lifting your books. This self consist of two pieces, the actual metal shelf and a superhero character with magnet. The shelf is hidden inside and behind the books and the superhero character holds the unsupported book cover. […]

A bookshelf usually use something solid to hold all the books, but what if it is made from something flexible? Rubber for example. Designed by Luke Hart, Rubber Shelves are bookshelves that are made from, of course you already guessed it, rubber. It sure is an unusual material to use. But you need to install […]

Designed by Goncalo Campos, this hanger is not an ordinary hanger that will makes your wall looks ugly. This hanger can be used both as hanger and decoration for your wall. The irregular curves allow you to hang your coat and other things, and it will looks like a sculpture when you don’t use it. […]

This is a modular shelving system designed by il laboratorio dell’imperfetto. Each shelf has an organic and random shape that will be great by itself or grouped. You can arrange it by yourself and create your own art. It can be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to the material that made from fiberglass.

Designed by The Waver Tree Co., this handmade shelf has a creative and minimalist shape of teardrop. It was made from bent wood with several shelf sections to put something on it. The design makes it perfect for modern interior, but it also great for any other interior.