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Designed by Marlene Huissoud, these furniture were made from sunflower oil waste, an unusual material for furniture. The waste, supplied by a local oil and vinegar company, comes out as long skinny tubes that looks like iron rods. These tubes twisted to create a strong support with a unique form. The raw seed also used […]

Instead choosing a rebel like she was asked to do, Hanna Bramford use a metaphor to picture this figure. The Black Sheep, someone who stands out from the group, pictured in this unique stool by using black wool from black sheep. The wool then carded, washed, and made it into balls. The balls is used […]

This simple decoration will make your bedroom looks great! And maybe you can make it by yourself too! The design is created by Indre Sunklodiene of InArch for a house in Vilnius, Lithuania. The wood features come out from the back of the bed to the ceiling. The lights installed on the ceiling parts, give […]

Do you want to help the earth? Use this is an eco-friendly rocking chair! It was designed by PlastiKetic and made of recycled plastic bottles mounted on the wooden frame. You can use it indoor or outdoor, also the seat is easy to replace too since you can find plastic bottles almost everywhere. More description […]

This is a unique sofa designed by Fredrikson Stallard for his Momentum Collection. It was made from Polyurethane, Glass fibre, and Polyester. The result is this red sofa that looks like a real rock. If it came with gray color, I think it will look more realistic. More description by Fredrikson Stallard: ‘Momentum’ comprises one […]

This is a chairs concept by Nissa Kinzhalina from NN Design Band, a chair with a super minimalist design. It has two different version, the low chair for dining room and the high chair for bar. The structure looks like a simple wireframe, makes it perfect for your minimalist or contemporary interior. More description by […]

This is a lovely story about a loving mom who built this beautiful bed for her son. Inspired by an expensive toddler teepee bed, this mom from Hello Bowsers built this tent-shaped bed with her own hand. The trundle beds design provides an extra bed that makes it great for sleepover or when he is […]

This is a unique shelf designed by Charles Kalpakian. This shelf has a classic optical illusion pattern used by cabinet makers. With this design, the shelf looks different depending on the observer’s point of view. Put it in your living room and let your friends and family wonder about it. More description by Charles Kalpakian: […]

This is a simple stool that uses an unusual material for the seating, money. Yes you read that right, money. Shredded paper bill to be precise. It was designed by Angela Mathis to recycle old money which usually decommissioned and burned. It maybe looks like an ordinary stool with random graphic, but imagine your friends’s […]

Designed by Fabien Barrero+Carsenat, this lamp was designed with mountains, their clouds and their white magical appearance as the inspiration. The result is this beautiful and sculptural table lamp that looks like a ral mountain. The light comes fro the ring, providing a soft light to the entire room. I just hope that the ring […]