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This is a unique pendant light designed by Julia Kononenko. It was inspired by a beautiful, industrial, red iron bridge. Comes in easy-to-assembled parts, this is perfect for any room you have. More description by Julia Kononenko: A year ago we traveled to Poland, and we were very happy and was inspired by numerous bridges […]

This chair was made from left-over materials, make it 100% eco-friendly. It was designed by Fran Huerta to create an innovating design based on the use of materials. The result is this unique and interesting green chair that is great for indoor and outdoor. More description by Fran Huerta: One of the most important values […]

This is a unique bathtub designed by Carina Deuschl. When you are not using it, you can make it flat and move it somewhere else. Don’t worry, it is sturdy and comfortable enough to make your bath time enjoyable. More description by Carina Deuschl: INTENDED FOR WATER, CUT BY WATER, FORMED BY WATER! XTEND redefines […]

This is a great lamp for you who loves gardening. Grasslamp allows you to grow micro-greens like wheatgrass using just water and LED lighting. With this lamp, you can ease your eyes by looking into the green and fresh grass while you are working.

This is a minimalist and contemporary lamp designed by Carlos Jiménez. It was inspired by the traditions such as woodcrafts and pottery crafts. With the minimalist design, this lamp will fit perfectly anywhere you want. Not only that, the unique switch system, which needs you to pull the top to light it on, makes it […]

This small shelf was designed by Agata & Arek Seredyn from Rafa-kids for your children’s bedroom, especially the one with contemporary interior. It is made from 100% Finnish Birch plywood and powder coated metal. If you buy it with the ball magnets, your children can hang their notes, pictures, or anything else. More description by […]

This is a unique and modular sofa designed by Tijs Gilde. It comes with several modules that allows you to create your own sofa. These pieces are like a giant children’s blocks for adults. You can stack it, place it side by side, or anything else you want. More description by Tijs Gilde: Array, a […]

Designed by Luis Arrivillaga, this pendant light was inspired by Victor Vasarely’s Optical Art. The shade consists of two semi-spheres with lines that is crossing each other, creating an interesting shadow effect on the walls. You can move and rotates the spheres to create a different shadow effect. More description by Luis Arrivillaga: Inspired by […]

This is a contemporary cabinet designed by Studio Truly Truly. It was made from natural materials using unnatural method, creating an interesting connection between two completely different element. More description by Studio Truly Truly: The ‘Fuse’ cabinet is a contemporary exploration in decorative wood-craft. It was born from a desire to create an unnatural connection […]

This is a minimalist floor lamp designed by Morgan Ruben. It was inspired by the natural movement of grass caught by a gust of wind. When this lamp move, it will remind us with nature. More description by Morgan Ruben: This light, designed by Morgan Ruben, reminds us of our need to connect with nature […]