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This is a unique chair designed by Paolini Design. It has a shape that looks like the bottom of a gown. This chair makes the user who sits on it looks like wearing a gown from behind. Comes in two color to choose, red and white, you can choose the right color for you and […]

Designed by Goncalo Campos, this hanger is not an ordinary hanger that will makes your wall looks ugly. This hanger can be used both as hanger and decoration for your wall. The irregular curves allow you to hang your coat and other things, and it will looks like a sculpture when you don’t use it. […]

Designed to challenge our traditional interaction with furniture, Leah Kenttamaa-Squires designed this interesting wooden cabinet with peel-able door. When it is closed, it looks like an ordinary cabinet with simple angled lines pattern. But this pattern is not an ordinary pattern, at least for the front side. These lines were created to allow the door […]

This is a simple but interesting stool designed by Davide G Aquini. This stool has seat that looks like natural stone such as granite and marble, but it actually a conglomeration of soft polyurethane. When you see it from afar, you will guess it is a natural stone. But when you sit on it you […]

Designed by Duncan Meerding, this unique lamp was made from salvaged logs. The light shines trough the cracks from the core of the logs, creating an unique light pattern all over the room. This lamp comes in several version to choose, like floor lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, and stool. More description by Duncan Meerding: […]

Designed by Petr Badura, this unusual chair was made from a single piese of bent aluminum. The ideas is to create an object that fully functional but still dependent on the user. Thus it only has two legs and the user’s legs would be the third and fourth. Maybe it looks tiring to sit on […]

A table lamp is usually made from wood or metal, but Sleeve is an unusual table lamp. It was designed by Metrocuadro Design to show an innovative way in making lamps. It is made entirely in a tailor’s shop using gray felt as the main material. The felt is sewn together with bright red thread […]

Designed by Craft Modern, Gira table consist modular base which you can mix and match as you want. The base is made of a t-slot aluminum post and aluminum legs that fasten to the slot. You can choose the post and legs colors from various color options. This way you can custom your own table […]

Designed by Charlotte Kingsnorth, the form of this chair is a combination between vintage and modern biomorphic forms. The result is this unique and weird looking chair with vintage frame and organic upholster. This eye catching chair sure will make your guest wonder when they see it. More description by Charlotte Kingsnorth: The Hybreed collection […]

Designed by Assaf Israel for Joynout Studio, the shape of this public seating is inspired by water running down a creek and creates a very unique landscape. This public seating allows it to be placed to fit the space given. With the unique shape and modular system, this seating creates a more inviting and relaxed […]