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Office Desk that Can be Converted Into Napping Bed

This is a smart design of office desk by Athanasia Leivaditou from Studio NL. This office desk allows you to sleep and take power naps in the office, so when you wake up you will have a perfect condition for working. Or maybe you just want to lay down for a while, while watching your […]

collaborative Modern Desk for Single or Group Work

Synthesis Collaborative Desk designed for students who required to work individually, as well as collaboratively at different times of the day. It designed by Seth Moczydlowski and themed around nature and the concepts of isolation vs. togetherness. The result is this modern and compact desk that can be placed perfectly one another to provide a […]

Contemporary Desk with a Nostalgic Scandinavian Touch

Designers from MaaK have created this desk inspired on the typical desks from the 60’s and 70’s. Description from the designers: This desk contains of a sleek white table top with an incorporated seamlessly oak storage compartment. Just enough for A4 paper and some drawing stuff. All this stands on oak legs with an scandinavian […]

Elegant Desk with Unique Bounded Wing

This elegant desk you see is called Voltaire, a significantly elegant piece of wooden desk with artistic touch. Voltaire is a new product made by a Spanish furniture brand Paco Camús. The uniqueness of the design lies not only on its aesthetic but function as well. Smoothly crafted, the feature includes a wing that can […]

Minimalist Desk in Artistically Antique Structure

British design and manufacturing company Dare Studio has created a unique piece of furniture in an artistic table called Maya desk. The design is actually quite simple just like any ordinary wooden desk. In fact, it doesn’t show futuristic or modern look. However, the piece is no doubt a great creation. Made of high quality […]

Unique Contemporary Desk with Additional Random Storage

  Yeh Selettihas presented a new creation of furniture in the form of unique desk called Kenn Desk. The piece is so unique that it will catch your attention when you first saw it. Painted in all white, the design looks elegant but somehow has unique character regarding its unusual shape. It is the additional […]

Private Feminine Desk Covered with Fabric Canopy

Designer Lisa Frodehas created a distinguished feminine furniture called Time Flies. Just as the name suggests, when you’re sitting on the desk, time may fly without you even realizing as the desk is covered with fabric canopy which detaches you from the world outside. Such design gives you privacy and allows you to work alone […]

Private Desk Featuring Woven Cover

Looking for a desk which offers you comfort and privacy in one package? You will find it in Woven Desk designed by Bram Vanderbeke. Bringing in the idea of functionality and privacy at the same time, the desk is created in a unique piece completed with a woven cover. So, if you feel like needing […]

Simple Desk with Big Pieces of Paper on Top

This is a simple but smart desk designed by Miguel Mestre. My Desk has big pieces of paper where you can write, taking a note, draw or sketch when suddenly there is a great idea comes to your mind. The 100cm x 70cm papers are big enough even for drawing whole plan or design. This […]

Smart and Modern Wall-mounted Desk for Small Place

This is a smart wall-mounted desk designed for small room where extra space is important. Deskbox is designed by Yael Mer and Shay Akalay of Raw edges for Acro. It consists of metal and wood parts. You can pull the wood parts to gives you a larger work or writing space. This desk can be […]