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This is a unique chair designed by Ruud Van de Wier called FirstCall. It inspired by classic phone shape and perfect for something that related to the shape, making call! It provides the users with private space where they can receive and making call without disturbed by their environment. This chair is perfect for public […]

This is a unique hanging chair designed by Ontwerpduo. It shaped like a large birdcage, hanging with a beautiful one of you inside it. More description by Ontwerpduo: ‘Everybody’s a bird, locked up in a pretty cage. Sometimes you fly to a slightly bigger one, but you never quite have the courage to abandon captivity […]

Need more chairs? Just bend the rug! Yes, it’s a little weird to heard, but it is what it is. Designed by YOY, RUG can be used both as a rug and a chair. When you need a chair, just bend it. When you need a rug, just unbend it. It’s as simple as that. […]

This is an unusual chair designed by Zaha Hadid Architects for Sawaya & Moroni. This chair has a double chair set that paced side-by-side, creating a unique form of manta ray from above. More description by Zaha Hadid Architects: The surface as a field of experimentation capable of generating volume is the source of the […]

Designed by Ciro Bergonzi, Manta Type C has a unique design inspired by manta ray, resulting in comfortable, alien-like shape. More description by Ciro Bergonzi: Almost alien looking, Manta Type C, combines great craftsmanship with a sense of avant-garde. A variant of Manta, with a central support in polished steel, it received the addition “Type […]

Long long ago we have showed you a unique floating bench by h220430. Designed by the same designer, Balloon chair has similar idea to create the floating effect. The result is this stunning chair that looks floating and suspended by the balloons. More description by h220430: This chair was visually inspired by feelings of floating […]

Designed by Scoope Design, this chair can be used in many ways. You can use it as a normal chair, stepladder, children desk, stool or bedside coatrack. What you need, you Have it! More description by Scoope Design: SUPERBAMBI is a contemporary, super-smart piece created to inspire new and funny stories of everyday life. Just […]

This is a beautiful chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat. This chair is made from layers of colorful fabrics and cut using a CNC machine. The result is beautiful chair with colorful layers, lovely isn’t it?

This is a new way to remember those who died, a chair made the bone matter of a deceased person. Designed by Max Kuwert, Yanik Balzer and Willem Rabe, they use a software algorithm to calculate the construction due to the different amount of bone material each person have. The result is this simple and […]

This is unique armchair designed by Massimo Farina, inspired by an old icon of Venice, Gondola. It has a unique sharpie shape that reminds me of the medieval time, just like the name. I just hope no one is hurt by the sharp backrest. More Description by Massimo Farina: The New Medieval armchair represents the […]