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This is an unusual chair designed by Therese Granlund. It made of polyurethane foam, a low class material that usually hidden in furniture. It has a form of melting foam, a playful and interesting form that catch the attention of people who see it. More information by Therese Granlund: Design can be seen as the […]

This is a unique seating by Gufram, a seating that looks like an oversized patch of grass. Made of polyurethane foam in unusual design, this seating was created to challenge traditional design values. More description by Gufram: Pratone represents an irreverent design idea; light years away from the usual types of middle-class interior design of […]

This is a chair by Jaewook Kim, a chair where father and his kid can rest and play in one place. The back of this chair has climbing rope where the kid can climb it up and sit on the top of it on the shoulder of his father. More description by Jaewook Kim: When […]

This is a simple wooden chair designed by Bicolter. It looks unusual with the upside down L-shaped thingy that acts as backrest and armrests and allows you to sit however you like. “Seat that invites you to give your own interpretation of sit action. This design creates a link with who uses it, and offers […]

This is an unusual chair designed by Sukyoo Bae, a chair and a lighting combined to create some illusion. In daylight, this chair become an ordinary stool. But when light comes out, it becomes a chair with backrest made of silhouette. This chair is perfect to light your way at night or as a outdoor […]

This is an unusual chair designed by Song Seung-Yong, inspired by his childhood experience when he was creating a den somewhere in his house. This chair composed of a chair and a big shade like a classic paper lantern. This shade provides private space for the users when they want to be alone. More description […]

This is an unusual chair designed by Pentágono. This chair tries to show connection and openness between the structure. The structure is made of fiberglass that handwoven to create such connections and lightweight effect. More description by Pentágono: The entire universe is shaped from multiple connections that are arranged according to their capacity to give […]

Designed by IL HOON ROH, this chair is made of carbon fiber string that woven together by hand. The result is this complex-looking but strong chair. The name, Luno, means ‘curve’ which showed by the curved seating. More description by IL HOON ROH: Luno, which means ‘curve’ in Latin, is made of carbon fibre string […]

This is a simple and modular chair designed by Marta Alonso Yebra and Imanol Calderón Elósegui from MAYICE. This handmade chair has a “Z” shape and can be combined together to provides another function such as table or shelf. More description by MAYICE: These exclusive handmade pieces keep a balance with no need of screws […]

It looks simple, elegant, and almost sculptural, Armada High Armchair is a perfect chair for your interior. Designed by Hookl und Stool, this chair comes with unique magnet system that allows you to place different type of pillows and other gadgets on the seater part. More description by Hookl und Stool: Armada High Armchair is […]