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This is a smart design of a chair by Torafu Architects. This chair can be opened to reveal the inner storage. The interesting thing is that the opened version becomes a simple dollhouse where your daughter can play with it. You can also use it as a shelf if you don’t have a daughter or […]

This is a beautiful chair designed by Simone Cappellanti from ZAD Italy, a chair with beautiful curves inspired by aquatic plant, calla. The shape was designed based on calla flower that has a beautiful and sexy shape in an amazing way. But it not only looks beautiful but also comfortable to use. Beautiful and comfortable, […]

This is a contemporary chair that was made using traditional material of birchbark, a natural material that has many good characteristics. It is flexible, soft, water-repellent, antibacterial, breathable, durable, and strong. It was designed by Anastasiya Koshcheeva to reinterpret an age-old tradition into a modern processing. Sibirjak comes in two different type of furniture, a […]

This is a chair designed by Alex Petunin for ArtTech. This chair is made of wood, shaped in organic shape with holes to make it light. The outside surface is painted in white while the holes are painted in colorful stripes that make the chair looks fun in a modern way. You can use it […]

Designed by St├ęphane Leathead from Designarium, this chair has many kinds of usages. The backrest and the seat can be rotated to certain angles, allow you to use this chair as different furniture for different angles. You can use it as lounge chair, bench, rocking chair, or any other things you can imagine.

Designed by Alpestudio Architetti Associati for Formabilio, this has a simple and airy design. This chair is light but sturdy, thanks to the use of steel rod. It finished in ice white and lagoon green color, classic chrome plating and copper plating with golden highlights. These finishing create a beautiful elegant view in simplicity. More […]

This is a simple and colorful chair designed by PAULvanGINKEL. This handbuilt chair has a clean form with bright and colorful upholstery, A nice view for a contemporary interior. More description by PAULvanGINKEL: These custom handbuilt Pollak Orly prototype chairs bring color and shine to a Space Age design. The bright upholstery and clean forms […]

No no, it is not that you will feel painful when you sitting on it. It just the name that represent how the chair feels painful because of the 800 wood nails that were hammered on it. It was designed by Sean Hongxin Zhang to demonstrate a traditional design and manufacturing techniques. These wooden nails […]

This is a beautiful chair designed by Arunkumar Ng. This chair looks like woman’s legs with the skirt part of her dress, dancing around in a ballroom. The formless shape looks enchanting while the gold trims makes it looks elegant. Overall, it is really a beautiful chair.

This is a modern and comfortable chair by ODESD2. It has high back and sides that offer a private space for someone who sit on it. The cushions are comfortable for long use and the felt material inside absorbs the most sound. Now you can do do your works or whatever you do without much […]