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This cute children chair was designed by Think & Shift for New Shoots. The shell-like shape offers privacy for the children, isolate them in comforting space from noise and busyness of their surrounding environment. This way your kids can read their favorite books in quiet and comfortable space. This chair is also easy to clean. […]

Even tough it has subtle shape, it still looks like a gorilla that coming onto you. It was designed by Robert Brou and was made from 4 inch think Poplar lumber. It was stack laminated then hand sculpted and finished in black lacquer finish. The result is a unique and funny chair for adults and […]

Ever wonder how the feel to sit on mountain as a throne? Thanks to Gaetano Pesce you can feel it now. Even tough it is not a real mountains, you can get the main idea. It was made from flexible polyurethane with upholstery made with cotton fabric digitally printed, depicting subjects such as lakes and […]

These are some amazing chair concepts that will be great if they become true. They were designed by Haris Jusovic from everyday objects. The result is amazing. You can see a beautiful butterfly, a weird but unique cracked egg, a yummy chocolate bar, a classic and elegant phone, and a fun basketball, all turned into […]

Designed by Marc Thorpe for Moroso, this minimalist and modern chair was inspired by something unusual, a corn’s husk or the outer shell of corn. This chair collection come in three different heights with three different colors – red, green, and white.

These are funny chairs designed by 56thStudio. These chairs have backrest in shape of bad caricature. Yeah bad. But what they say about it? “Bad drawing is a good chair.” It doesn’t make sense, but it is true in case of these chairs. The caricature is based on several icons such as known singers, models, […]

This weird but beautiful looking chair is a 3d printed rocking chair by Alvin Huang from Synthesis Design + Architecture for Stratasys. Just like another 3D printed things, this chair has a unique structure to makes it light yet strong. This structure was inspired by a biological process that also called as Durotaxis. You can […]

This is a unique chair designed by Semen Lavdanskiy. Just as the name suggest, you can move (rotate) the “ribs” part of this chair around the ridge section. This provides you with an ergonomic seating sensation that allows you to sit comfortably on it. More description by Semen Lavdanskiy: The chair is made of plywood […]

Designed by KALO, this wooden chair has a weird but beautiful pattern, thanks to the laminated sheets of Baltic Birch plywood that was used as the main material. The shape was inspired by various inspirations and created using 5-axis CNC machine. The folding design allows it to save some extra space and makes it easier […]

I love this chair! It looks like a combination between classic wooden chair with modern office chair. And the result of this combination is weird but amazing. Niobrara Office Chair was designed by Erickson Woodworking using California black walnut and bison leather for the material. This chair will be great for your office, it looks […]