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armchair of Stylish Molded Plywood Chairs with Natural Striking Pattern

This is a stylish molded plywood chairs with natural striking pattern on its surface. It designed by Cherner Chair and made of exotic Red Gum wood to showing the striking pattern of the natural dark and light grain. This chair showing its sexy silhouettes and eye-catching curves that make them the center of attention in […]

side view of green Stylish Curved Lounge Chair with Book Storage

This is a stylish curved lounge chair that offers built-in book storage that located under the seat and behind the backrest. Designed by Solovyov Design studio, this chair has amazing curved shape with big book storage compartment that can be used as small library. OFO is comes in a variety of vivid colors and color […]

front side of Unique Lounge Chair Made of Foam Cubes

This is unique lounge chair design that inpired by corncobs and sunflower buds. The upholstery is made out of 297 foam cubes framed on the construction of the shell made of metal grid. This lounge chair is designed by Annika Göransson by pressing the cubes through a wool fabric. This way will create a smooth […]

Stylish Wooden Chair with Unique Legs Design

These are stylish wooden chair that have unique legs design. Designed by Shawn Place, these chairs collection called as Owl and Bird Chair. This collection also consist of a complimentary side table. Here are some photos of this stylish wooden chair that have unique legs design.

front view Modern Lounge Chair Made of Recycled Fibers

This is a comfortable and modern lounge chair designed by Bram Sawatazky. This chair’s seating is made of recycled fibers such as paper that bonded together in order to create a fluid shape. Have a Seat was designed to make the occupant feel safe and comfortable by bringing awareness to the interaction between the material […]

front side view of Stylish Chair Made of Bent Plywood And Leather

This is a stylish chair that made of bent plywood, white oak veneer, and leather. Designed by Cody Stonerock, it is inspired by the nautical world. The seating and backrest are made of leather, backed with a canvas material to prevent stretching, which can easily be attached or detached from the chair. It has wonderful […]

front side view of Stylish Natural Armchair Made of Solid Beech Wood

This is a stylish natural armchair that made of solid beech wood, plywood, and paper-code. It designed by Tatsuo Kuroda, the chair is provide both support and additional visual interest. The armrest and backrest are made by joining the chair’s front and back legs by paper-code that has been knitted around the wooden parts. Here […]

Simple and Cool Chair Design

This is a unique and cool chair design ideas which explores the contrast between hard folds and soft curves. It designed by Nancy Chu, an industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati. This chair is made of powder coated sheet metal and bent steel rods. It has clean lines on one surface which give […]

Odd Chair Design with Storage Under Seating

This is an odd looking modern chair with big storage under the seat. This chair designed by a korean designer, Jinyoung Choi. Colored in black, this chair making two-dimensional seat to weighty mass to show the existence of funiture itself and the person sitting on that. From front side, this feature will be showed clear. […]