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side view of Transparent Chair in Colorful Colors

This is a colorful chair design that has transparent seating and backrest. This limited edition chair designed by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud of Pitaya Design. It has diamond like shape and will make the light pass through the seating and backrest, creates a beautiful rainbow lighting effects. The transparent seating and backrest are made […]

front view of blue stool and Stylish and Cozy Easy Chair in Round Shape

These are a stylish and cozy chair design in round shape designed by Cate Högdahl and Nelson Ruiz Acal. The B25 easy chairs is made of compression-moulded birch and finished using ash veneer. It upholstered in polyether foam and down, make this seating really comfortable. These easy chair have two version, one with backrest and […]

front side view of reflective Stunning Invisible Chair with Glowing Effect

This is a stunning invisible chair that has glowing effect, make you looks like sit on the light. The ideas is to create a chair that, in a way, wasn’t there, and make the sitter looks sit on nothing. To make this chair, Ben Alun-Jones using plastic acrylic sheet and one-way mirror film to create […]

Stylish Wooden Armchair with Wooden Footrest

This is a stylish wooden armchair that has a beautiful curved armrest design. This armchair designed by Helle Damkjær for Japanese manufacturer Kitani. Named as K for Kitani and Ki that means wood and spirit in Japanese. The armchair comes with wooden footrest stool, make your relax time more enjoyable. “When Kitani assigned me to […]

front view of Unique but Comfortable Chair with Pillow Tubes

This is a unique chair that equipped with pillow tubes designed by Ellinor Ericsson. This project is focused about a tactile interaction with a chair. This chair consist of pillow tubes and steel frame, allowing you to creating your own upholster with the different textiles. The user can interact with the chair by using the […]

white Cool Chair in Natural and Traditional Form

This is a cool chair design with natural and traditional form designed by Markus Johansson. The production has playful and imaginative process. This asymmetric and symmetrical furniture chair is made of flat round pieces and composed entirely of free forms without any “correct” angles. The wide pins are bent and then drilled in a CNC […]

upper side view of used Elegant Seating Sculpture Design in Black Color

This is an elegant seating Sculpture design called as Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness. This new seating is designed by Ian McChesney by allowing treacle to fall from a spoon and then the result is inverted. Colored in black this sculpture chair is designed for the Angel Building in London. The seating has […]

Stylish Chair Design Made of Layering Plywood

This stylish chair design is inspired by the layering of plywood, designed by Timothy Schreiber. All of this chair’s elements like seat, backrest and legs emerge from four continuous loops of ply. Special attention has been paid to very complex manufacturing process cobining cumputerized high end production methods with traditional wood craftmanship. Below are some […]

front side view of Environmental Friendly Seating Furniture Made of Silk

This is an environmental friendly seating furniture that made of silk thread tightened around a bearing oak frame. Designed by Åsa Kärner of Alvi Design, it showing transparent expression that make the chair looks weightlessness in a new form of chair. Here are some photos of this environmental friendly seating furniture that made of silk.

low profile model of Stylish and Minimalist Lounge Chair in Wavy Form

These are stylish and minimalist lounge chairs that has wavy S form. the minimalist design showing how modern its design with on S-shape. Designed by Desiree, this comfortable chair is made of high-density polyurethane with a glamorous glossy lacquered finish and available in black or white colors. These chairs are available in low-profile model or […]