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front view of Unique Chair Inspired by Daisy Flower

This is a unique circular chair that inspired by daisy flower. Designed by Velichko Velikov for LAGO, this chair consist of forty elastics band in several colors, make a unique seating design. When you sit on this chair, it will give a rocking sensation. Here are some photos of this unique circular chair that inspired […]

Stylish and Comfortable Dining Chair

This is a stylish and comfortable dining chair that will fit to your contemporary dining area. This will make your dining time more comfortable while you relaxing from a tiring jobs. Designed by RenĂ© Holten for Artifort, this chair is not only used for dining chair, it can be as a meeting chair too. It […]

Stylish and Unique Chair Inspired by Martini Glass

This is a stylish and unique chair that inspired by martini glass. Designde by Zoran Svraka, it has classic shape of martini glass with a combination of modern design. The result is a chair with hard and soft elements together to create comfortable and flexible seating. Martini chair made of molded plywood, binding with elastic […]

Futuristic Lounge Chair Design in Compact Shape

This is a futuristic lounge chair design by Thomas Feichtner. Using wood and leather as the materials, this chair has 70 x 90 x 106 cm of size. This chair is composed of several surface that upholstered and covered with leather separately, make it fast to produce and easy to repair. It has ice blocks […]

Unique Chair Like Puzzle from Natural Fibers

This is a unique chair that made from natural fibers. It consist of three pieces of puzzle like thing, and will become a chair when you snap it together. Designed by Carlos Cordoba, this chair is made from a natural fiber tetera and polyester resin composite. It has many colors to choose, so you can […]

Stylish Chair Made of Foam Block

This is a stylish chair that made of foam block. It made by simple production processes, that is splitting the foam block with two L-shaped cut lines. The result is a stylish chair with minimal wastage of materials. Designed by Kitmen Keung for SIXINCH, this chair has a smart design that provide a seating with […]

Modern Chair Design for Lovers

This is a modern chair design by Ilian Milinov. This chair designed for lovers when they want to get close in seating. It consist of two seating, a main seating and another seating located on top of left leg. The design is simple but modern. When the second seating is not used by your beloved, […]

front view of Stylish Outdoor Chair Made of Reinforced Concrete

This is a handmade stylish outdoor chair design that made of carbon-textile reinforced concrete. Designed by Paulsberg, this chair inspired by the silhouette of a sprinter when they ready to start the race. It combine between stylish design and strong sense of concrete, make a great combination of its ergonomically shaped form. Although this is […]

Comfortable and Stylish Armhair Design

This is a comfortable and stylish armchair design that has soft and voluptuous shapes. This armchair designed by Beaverhausen for INDERA. The ideas of this chair was to immerse people in comfort. The seating is consist of two layers that add more comfort for the user. They add some refined details to this beautiful armchair […]

front view of Elegant Sculptural Chair in Beautiful Organic Form

This is a elegant sculptural chair that has beautiful organic form. Designed by FurnID, the chair is designed to show the beautiful curves but still have the comfort and light construction. “It has taken us nearly two years to develop FROST and during the process we there were many challenging discussions. It was a difficult […]