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Gobble Chair is an eco-friendly chair that is safe for your children. It was designed by Form Maker to create educational furnitures that uses non-toxic innovative material. The use of recyclable and non-toxic materials teaches your children to save our planet and frees you from worrying too much about your children. It is made from […]

Designed by Keren Shike, this seating system allows you to shape it as you like. It consists of wooden frames and foam bars that can be slid to shape the chair. This way, you can choose what seating position that you want. Because of the adjustability, this chair is perfect for adult and children. More […]

Designed by Samwoong Lee, this unique chair was made from stacked wooden sticks in random angels. He don’t know what it will be looks like when he was stacking the sticks. After the construction are made, he then shaped it into an armchair and polished it. The result is this unique wooden chair that looks […]

This is a unique chair designed by Paolini Design. It has a shape that looks like the bottom of a gown. This chair makes the user who sits on it looks like wearing a gown from behind. Comes in two color to choose, red and white, you can choose the right color for you and […]

Designed by Petr Badura, this unusual chair was made from a single piese of bent aluminum. The ideas is to create an object that fully functional but still dependent on the user. Thus it only has two legs and the user’s legs would be the third and fourth. Maybe it looks tiring to sit on […]

Designed by Charlotte Kingsnorth, the form of this chair is a combination between vintage and modern biomorphic forms. The result is this unique and weird looking chair with vintage frame and organic upholster. This eye catching chair sure will make your guest wonder when they see it. More description by Charlotte Kingsnorth: The Hybreed collection […]

Designed by Bartoli Design for Kristalia, has a minimalist design with natural hide for the seating and backrest. The simplicity makes it looks elegant, thus it will be perfect for your minimalist or modern interior. The use of natural hide make it strong and durable. Also as time goes by, it will age with you. […]

This is a simple and eco-friendly outdoor rocking chair designed by Eric Pfeiffer in collaboration with Loll. This outdoor chair was made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic or equivalent of 288 milk jugs. Even tough it was made from recycled plastic, this chair is sturdy to support an adult. It comes with several colors to […]

This chair was designed by Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle, a chair with unusual combination of static and mobile combination in one object. This chair has a backrest that can be removed and used as a skateboard. With this skateboard/backrest, this chair is perfect for large office or house. It allows you to move around […]

This is an unusual chair designed by Gridesign Studio. This chair was inspired by bow tie and made from laminated bamboo. The shape is not only as a decoration but also as a functional feature. It has spaces where you can put your favorite books, magazines, CDs, or pillows in it. More description by Gridesign […]